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last day to update Az CC, draw tomorrow
Wild Sheep
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Huntcell 25-Jun-20
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IdyllwildArcher 26-Jun-20
DonVathome 15-Jul-20
Bake 15-Jul-20
From: Huntcell
Today is the last day to update your credit card information if it has changed since you applied for the fall draw.

You can also purchase the $5 PointGuard option today.

Successful applicants will see charges beginning tomorrow morning (Friday, June 26th). Good luck!

I look forward to paying the bill!

Thanks for the update.

Odds are bad, but one day it could happen.

It's generally anticlimactic, but the AZ sheep results sort of signal the end of the results season and the beginning of the "wait till hunting season."

I always hold my breath because I have to work in December because I take November off to hunt and wonder how I'd make that work last minute since the draw is so late.

Nonetheless, an AZ sheep tag is a dream.

Best of luck to everyone.

From: DonVathome
Ditto to everyone! I drew NV as a NR with only 8 points. My odds, taking into account my points, was over 2,000:1

From: Bake
I so badly want an AZ sheep tag, but I'm like Idyll, I have no idea how I could make it work this year. I guess I'd figure it out. Be nice to have that trouble :)

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