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Scouting for Turkey. How far in advance?
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Overland Hunt 25-Jun-20
Brotsky 25-Jun-20
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Is more than a week or two ahead of season worth it?

From: Brotsky
How about the night before? Usually all it takes.

Thats a big risk if I dont know what area might even have them

From: sitO
You've got a year so...

From: Jims
What time of year are you talking about? In the early spring where I hunt in Nebraska turkeys often travel 10 to 30 miles from where they are all winter to their strutting and nesting grounds in early spring. Some places snow and weather really affect where turkeys are found. Some turkeys may spend the entire year within a 2 mile radius. A lot can likely change from 1 area to the next. It really helps spending time throughout the year where you'll be hunting....and keeping tabs on where you see them.

From: midwest
A day or two would be plenty.

From: writer
Late winter scouting can be used to get to know the lay of the land in new places, or check like what crops have been planted. But I'd rather have the day before a hunt, than an entire week before...

From: DanaC
If you know the general area, preferred roosting spots, food locations etc. it's still a matter of which way their bird brains take them on any given day. Stay flexible.

I should re-phrase my question and add some detail. Hunting In northern CA, never hunted turkey before, so I have no idea what areas might hold them. Ive been doing some online scouting with Huntstand, but I want to put boots on the ground in several areas to confirm where the birds might be. I was just trying to figure out if they will be in the same area now in summer, as they will be for the November season.

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