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Buffalo1 26-Jun-20
HDE 27-Jun-20
midwest 27-Jun-20
Buffalo1 27-Jun-20
Buffalo1 27-Jun-20
From: Buffalo1
So I took the introductory offer from Tooth of the Arrow Broadheads for a sample BH for $1.99, plus S&H. I ordered the 125 gr. 4-blade, vented model. I received the sample in a very timely manner.

I have test shot the head and my analysis overall is good. One-piece construct is very strong built and has a super good qualities for breaking bones; it is sharp out of the package, but I could make it sharper with a little honing and strapping; it flies well (my maximum shot with it was 50 yds. It is a short head with a wide sweep.

I shoot a low poundage bow (52#) and I was not happy with the target penetration I was getting compared to my VPA's (2 & 3 blades or Slick Tricks) because of the wide swept blades. I would not purchase these BH's for my inventory. It is a good head but I don't think I a good head for me. I am therefore bequeathing the sample head to someone else who may be interested in trying it out.

It is therefore up for grabs to the first person who PM's me with a postal mailing address requesting the BH.


From: HDE
The blade angle is identical to Slick Trick, just as an FYI.

From: midwest
Nice gesture, Greg. I haven't set my new bow up yet. Looking forward to trying my free sample as well.

From: Buffalo1
Saturday morning and the offer is still available.

From: Buffalo1
Offer has been accepted.


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