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Quattro stab...
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hoyt0823 26-Jun-20
IdyllwildArcher 27-Jun-20
midwest 27-Jun-20
W8N4RUT 30-Jun-20
From: hoyt0823
Anyone tried one..they look pretty badas* but was curious how they performed or was just hype..

It's spelled "cuatro."

What are your financial interests in it? There's a policy on Bowsite for soliciting and I don't recognize your handle.

From: midwest
Never heard of them. I see they make some wooden stabs. I guess they have some cool factor but I'm not a fan of the look, I guess.

I just got a couple of Bee Stinger Microhex for my new Mathews.

From: W8N4RUT
Actually, its spelled Quattro....

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