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From: Camcudde
Has anyone had issues with these cell cams? They worked greater for a few days but now nothing. Last I checked the home cam it said “locked”

Anyone experienced this?

I have had great luck with mine so far. I believe through the website they can look at your cell and give you some advice.

From: AccMan
Go to There is a Cuddeback thread with a rep on there that will answer you questions/advise you about the camera. I've had great luck with mine also.

From: 4nolz@work
There is a very active Cuddeback users page on Facebook.Those guys know more,faster than CS.

From: BullBuster
I’ve had variable luck. Some work great. I have 1 on a bear bait next to a Bushnell camera. Both with same settings. Got 40 pics on Cuddeback and 600 on Bushnell over same interval. WTH

From: Casekiska
My experience with Cuddeback has not been great. I have owned two of their cameras, I bought and one I was given as a gift. Both were expensive and both were a disappointment. Overly complex to try to use, not used friendly! Seemed to miss most game activity or only caught half of animal in photo. Customer service also was disappointing, frustrating to deal with them! I would not suggest anyone buy a Cuddeback game camera. Waste of $$$. There certainly are better cameras available for the same $$$.

From: Camcudde
Thanks for the input so far!

From: W8N4RUT
Interested in this too. Specifically, the cuddle link. Ive actually had great success with the standard cudde cameras. Reliable year after year. Save the general remarks for another thread.


From: Mad Trapper
Have used Cuddelink for over a year now with great success. Just bought a bunch more.

From: Camcudde
Maybe I got bad cams. The customer service hasn’t been great to work with either.. I am going to try the newest update on them tomorrow..

From: No Mercy
Love my set up and the new firmware update is awesome! Join the Cuddeback users of America group on Facebook. There is a ton of great info there.

From: olebuck
i have several. two of the cell cameras and a couple that link to it.

If you are not Techy i would say get something else. these cameras require a little more fine tuning when setting up - they have a lot of settings to choose from.

if you want to strap a camera to a tree turn it on and just get pics - go buy something else.

if you don't mind dialing the cameras setting to what they need to be then these cameras are awesome - there pictures are really really good in every situation, and they are quality built, and i swear i never get blank pictures at all.

The new updated firmware allows you to login to the portal and view pictures and adjust settings.

I highly recommend these !

From: joebuck
My son has 7 of them and just bought 4 more. So far they have work great and I love looking at the pictures whenever I want.

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