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Kuiu pro 6000 pack first impressions
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Teeton 27-Jun-20
Bou'bound 28-Jun-20
From: Teeton
Back in April I got a new Kuiu pro 6000 pack and up till last weekend i never try it. (I've had 6 or 7 different packs over the last 35 years or so) So last week i loaded it up with 36 lbs total pack weight and went on a hike with it.

First I'll chat about the bag lay out. It has alot of pockets, I wouldn't say to many, but it will take a little time to remember where each and what each pocket is best used for. The lid functions well and the 2 pouches in it are the right size. The cleansing tightening straps also seem to be well thought-out Only thing I wish it had and I didn't have to buy, is pouch to hold my water bladder. But still not a deal breaker.

Now I'll chat about the suspension system. The carbon frame seem stiff but not to stuff and I like that. The velcro adjustable shoulder straps for up and down for the size of your back is very easy to work with/move, but when I would pick up the pack up by one shoulder strap to put the pack on, I could hear the velcro loosening. I don't think it moved the up and down, but the pack was only had 36 lbs. So not sure if it would move/slip if it (pack) weighed in at 60lbs. I'm going to put a index mark's with a Sharpie on the frame/back pad so I can index the up/down adjustment of the back pad/shoulder straps.. So I can see if they move and to help me to adjust the up down for best fit.

Now what I'm not to crazy about, now I have a big chest and the shoulder straps I wish had padding a little longer under my arm pits. Seems like the shoulder straps adjustment buckets are touching my arms in front of my arm pits just as the straps are about to go under the arms.

Waist belt padding for my waist is to short. I can feel the buckle touching the front of my belly. I'm a 38 waist and by the time September comes with my exercising I usually drop down to a 36. But I still wish the waist padding came farther around the front from the sides of my hips. It's the shortest wrap around of a waist belt padding of any pack I ever had. Yes its their large/xl large belt... Is this their athletic sizing? Lol.

I'll need a few more times out for adjustments and with more weight in it. To see if it will be my go to fall pack. Ed

From: Bou'bound
The ultra 6000 is excellent. Just not a lot of separate pockets but really solid.

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