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Australia Buff Hunt - Tyler Chubb
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c5ken 30-Jun-20
Beendare 30-Jun-20
IdyllwildArcher 30-Jun-20
Treeline 30-Jun-20
From: c5ken
Hello Tyler... Are you still out there?? Did the fire an/or Virus shut down your buff hunting??

From: Beendare

Beendare's Link
Its not this guy is it?

[Sporting Shooter website link, guy mauled by a buff---warning gory pics]

Wow, I think if I ever shoot one of those, I'll give it plenty of time...

From: Treeline
Damn! That guy is lucky to be on the right side of the grass!

And here I’ve been thinking tussling with an elk was no picnic... Ain’t got nothing on a buff:-)

Tyler’s been spending a ton of time out fishing and catching some whoppers from a kayak...

Look at the “fishing while you’re off” thread.

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