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NWT 2020, Gana River, CBC report
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Kurt 03-Jul-20
Matt 04-Jul-20
Treeline 04-Jul-20
SBH 04-Jul-20
standswittaknife 04-Jul-20
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Bowfinatic 04-Jul-20
From: Kurt

Interesting article on the NWT Gov't denying Gana River's (Harold Grinde) application to outfit hunters in the Mackenzies this fall.

From: Matt
That is unfortunate for Harold and his family. Good man.

From: Treeline
Harold runs an incredible operation up there. Shame that the government is playing so heavy handed with some businesses. Definitely impacting the outfitters in Canada...

From: SBH
Sad to read. It's crazy what these dictators are doing to the people they govern right now. Remember these times in November. There is no reason he shouldn't be able to operate safely.

What trump is trying to stop here...

From: sticksender
Terrible situation for Harold and all the NT outfitters. I was booked for the first hunt in 2021 but now wondering how that might be affected.

Looks bleak for 2020 possibilities. The Fist hunters in when it opens should have a great hunt with trophy potential

I was scheduled to hunt with Harold this year and feel terrible for him and outfitters. What a gut punch to many businesses. Harold is pushing all hunters back a year. My brother scheduled for 2021 hunt with different outfitter in NWT. They offered 100% refund to this year's guys or they can hunt in 2023 at current prices. Each outfitter may be handling things differently.

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