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Porcupine Adventures/Utah
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gdaddy 04-Jul-20
Bowman 05-Jul-20
400 Elk @Home 05-Jul-20
BULELK1 08-Jul-20
From: gdaddy
Has anyone hunted or have info on Porcupine Adventures in Utah. Dave Leishman is the outfitter and seems like great guy and great hunt. References are great but would love some feed back from Bowsiter. Thanks

From: Bowman

Bowman's Link
I feel like I read a news about it in a varied portal, I leave the link to see if you can find it

I don’t think your link works

It's under the CWMU program and I have hunt late cow elk on it in the past, use to be a lock as a 2nd choice but not anymore.

Sure see some big Muley bucks in the November timeframe while I'm chasing a cow elk.

Good luck, Robb

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