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new sight for elk hunting
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I currently use an older spot hogg hunter 5 pin, I am considering getting a new sight . I would like to hear your thoughts on 5 pin vs 3 pin, with so many sights now days which one has worked best for you. Mostly elk hunting and some target shooting.

I tried a single-pin slider for a couple years, but never felt completely comfortable with it for a couple reasons. Since then I’ve used a Black Gold 3-pin slider for several years and have been extremely happy with it.

From: Ambush
Spot Hogg three pin slider. Top, bottom or middle removes most of the confusion for me. No three “middle” pins. 20, 30 and 40 yards. All bottom pin after that.

From: nmwapiti
I got the latest 7 pin Spot Hogg this year for my new Bowtech. Had been using the older 7 pin for about 15 years. Very solid. Really like it. Use it mostly for elk. Some deer, javie, etc.

From: Native Okie
Same as Ambush here. 3 pin slider, bottom pin floater. Can’t go wrong IMO.

From: Ermine
I shoot a spot Hogg 4 pin

From: Dale06
I use a fixed three pin 20, 30, 40 yards. I really only shoot to 40 yards. Having said that I center punched a bull last Sept at 44 yards. That’s my longest bow shot on an animal in 42 years of bowhunting. I’ve tried five pins but that’s too many for my distance and in the heat of excitement, that many is confusing to me.

From: Dino
Spot Hogg. Fast Eddie XL. Single pin that has another dot on the vertical post. After leaving multi pin sights behind I can’t imagine going back, I really like the clear, uncluttered site window. Having to adjust yardages has been a non-issue for hunting situations.

From: caribou77
I’m going to switch to a bg mountain lite 3 pin slider. Been using a spot Hogg 7 pin for years and love it, just want to extend my practice range out to 100 and eliminate some possible pin confusion. I make so very few hunting shots over 40 yards. I’m not worried about missing an opportunity.

From: squid
I just switched this summer from a 7 pin spot hogg to a BG Mountain lite in a 3 pin slider setup. So far I am really liking it, just don't forget to set it back to your base setting after practicing long range (I learned this the hard way!)

From: BillyD
I recently installed a black/gold Mountain Lite on my new Revolt. I decided on a 3-pin (20,30, 40-slider) for a less cluttered sight picture. Allows me to practice out to 80 yards. Most of my hunting is done within 40-yards.

Thank you for all your replys, I will be looking at a 3 pin slider. I missed a great bull last year, missed pinned put my 50 yd on top of back should of been 40 yd pin. cant blame it on the sight but it still makes me sick, first bull I have missed and I will never forget.

From: Gus
call Spott Hogg and see if you can add the slider option to your current site. They can also change your five pin into a 3 pin as well as change the pin size and color requests. call spot hogg directly and talk to them. most likely cheaper than buying a whole new site as well.

From: Unit 9er
I bought the Garmin A1. Excited to get it dialed in!!

From: Titan_Bow
I like my Montana Black Gold 5 pin. I tried a slider and just never got comfortable with it. I set mine up with a red center pin, so I always know that red one is my 40. 20 and 30 are above that, and 50 , 60 are below it. For me, that really works well, and its what I'm comfortable with.

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