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DIscount Idaho Licenses For DIsabled Vet
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From: JL
Bowsite Community Service Announcement.......looks like a great deal for disable vets.

Disabled American Veteran discounts for Idaho muzzleloader and archery NewsEngine | July 5, 2020 | Hunting News | No Comments

A new law that takes effect July 1 reduces the archery and muzzleloader permit fees specifically for Disabled American Veterans. Only holders of Disabled American Veteran licenses are eligible for the discounted permits.

The new fees for both permit types are $3.75 for resident and $5.75 for nonresident Disabled American Veterans. DAV license holders previously had to pay the regular resident or nonresident price for these permits.

To receive DAV reduced fees, veterans must provide a copy of their official VA Disability Percentage Rating letter, and the letter must verify a service-connected disability rating of 40 percent or greater.

For more information about Idaho Fish and Game’s disabled veterans programs, visit

From: Ucsdryder
I believe that these tags don’t count toward the quotas either so if you’re a nonresident you can still get a sold out tag. Good job idaho!

I asked about that when I spoke with a rep from ID Game and Fish.

He said if you are a NR they come from the same tag allocation.

From: Ucsdryder
A guy on rokslide who was a disabled vet just went through this and was given a tag as a nonresident. Not sure.

Dang..... I will call them again.

Honestly this is a great deal for disabled vets. I used the discount in 2017 and hot my license, elk, and deer tag at a price very close to the resident rate.

I think you have to send your VA rating letter to them first. Then they update your account so you can get the discount.

Texas also has free licenses for disabled vets non residents too.

I think Washington has something similar to Idaho.

From: WoodMoose

and yes, TX has free licenses for disabled (I think 50%) vets

nice of the states to do that

From: JL
That is a great deal for disabled vets. A big thank you to those states!!

Well good news. DAV tags are not part of the NR allocation.

Looks like Im headed to ID after all!!! Wooohooo!

From: Ucsdryder
Glad it worked out for you!

Thanks! I doubled checked because of your comment. You literally save my elk season! LOL

I would have thought all states had something similar? They should.

From: ElkNut1
Awesome, Awesome! Congrats on the elk tag! Thank you for your service & good luck sir!


From: Rut Nut
ALL states SHOULD do this! It’s the LEAST we can do for our TRUE heroes!

THANK YOU Chuck for your service and hope you have an awesome time! : )

From: t-roy
Agreed, all the states should have something similar to this. Is wish Iowa would do something like this, instead of issuing their stupid quote-unquote “celebrity” tags that get issued to basically the same people year after year. Would MUCH rather see those tags go to a DAV or to more kids with medical issues. Some do go for that, but WAY too many are just issued to the same cast of characters, because they are instrumental in promoting the state’s whitetail hunting (like we really need that!)

Good luck on your hunt, and thank you for your service, Thunderflight!


From: JL
The big bennie for all disabled vets is when states hook them up with licenses/tags whether res or non-res. That would be a worthy nationwide initiative for the gun/sportsmens groups to push for.

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