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New budget bow recommendations
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So I’m looking to upgrade my bow. I’ve tried searching old threads, but couldn’t find them. I’ve always shot Bear as I feel they’re good value for the money and I don’t need any big brands or “latest and greatest”. I prefer low maintenance, smooth, and forgiving over speed. I’ve been shooting the Mauler at 29” @ 60 lbs. I think it’s 32” ATA and 6.5” brace height. I prefer new over used, but don’t mind old stock from a year or two ago. I have a good shop I can take it to to tune, but prefer low maintenance. Hoping to keep it under $500 before accessories. Open to other brands. Thanks in advance.

From: Cnichols73
Diamond archery should have something to fit your budget. Very decent bows in my opinion

From: ESP
Check out Hoyt torrex

From: x-man
My advise would be to go to that local shop and buy something from them.

From: cnelk
Diamond Archery

From: CFMuley
I’d rather buy a used couple year old flagship bow over a brand new bottom of the barrel model.

From: txhunter58

There are guys that always have to have the newest/ fastest every couple years and sell there bows at a good discount. I would look for a 2-3 year old high dollar bow for a bargain price.

The good thing there too is they usually have lots of accessories on them already and those are discounted as well

From: Scoot
100% agree with the two posts above. Buy a relatively new, but used bow. You can get a 2-4 year old bow for half of new cost and you won't see any difference in performance from the new shiny ones in the stores today.

From: Jasper
ArcheryTalk Classifieds, lots of used bows. I’ve never had an issue buying there

From: LINK
I’ll agree with the last few post and Xman as well. Either pick up a lightly used top end bow or better yet get that bow or another from your local shop. Bow shops don’t survive on tuning bows, sure it will help pay the bills. If you like your shop though I’d do everything you can to send your money to them. My nearest shop closed up, now it’s a 3 hour drive.

From: smurph
X2 Link, It doesn't feel good to see your local shop disappear, then having to travel an hour to Bass pro shop for archery gear.

Appreciate the feedback so far. My boys both have diamond edge bows and I’ve been impressed with them. Maybe my nervousness with buying used is unwarranted. I plan on a trip to the shop to see what he’s got as well. Fortunately he sells diamond as well.

From: papadeerhtr
Check out PSE I bought the React model about 3yr ago it has the evolve cam system and my Elite hangs on wall as backup now. Its a midgrade bow but I sure do like it, fast smooth and quiet.

From: Mt. man
Check your local shop to see if they have any one or two year old bows on consignment. Most of the staff shooters and co-op shooters swap out yearly or every other year and put their bows in the shop at a great discount. HOWEVER, shoot them as they just may not feel good to you no matter the brand.

From: JohnMC
I understand your worry with warranty however if you do a little quick math, what you save buying a used bow (should be more than half). Then look at what a new set of limbs cost the most likely (still unlikely) thing you would have to have warranty replaced. It would be a fraction of what you saved buying used. Just food for thought.

From: Ucsdryder
You can buy a 3-4 year old flagship bow for half price, possibly more. I’d buy a used one in a heartbeat.

From: ohiohunter
It won't be long before the 2021's are released and all the 2020 prices plummet. I'll add, I never saw myself buying a new full priced bow, but the black5 plus free strings made me flop. New old stock is the way to go, I shoulda, but couldn't hold out.

From: elkmtngear
Jasper x2.

AT Classifieds have some great deals...everyone wanting the "latest and greatest", and willing to part with their current bow for a loss.

From: milnrick

Take a close look and test drive the QUEST CENTEK NXT. We tried them out in January when we were shopping.

They look and shoot great and made the with the same quality control as PRIME.

From: PECO

From: JohnMC
Camofire has a bunch of new old stock today. Mostly Obsessions and a Bear or two. If you still wanting to go new.

From: rooster
The last three bows I've purchased have been from eBay. All tree were "new in the box" prior year Hoyt models. Didn't pay over $500 for any of them.

Yep, buy a great bow used. I got my Bowtech Realm from AT classifieds. It was the “shop test bow” had never had accessories mounted and had only been fired a couple hundred times. It had never been “sold” before, so I was able to register it as new for the warranty. Paid right around $500.

From: Scrappy
I bought a mission ballistic back in 14 and absolutely love it. Love it so much I bought another one just like it last year. I think they stopped making it a few years ago but I'm sure they offer one that has all the same specs just with a different name on it.

You said low maintenance, this thing is the definition of that. Just close your eyes and put a rest on it with a loop that is in the ballpark. You will be shooting darts in just a few minutes and the thing just keeps on keeping on until I replace the strings. Absolutely zero maintenance to this thing.

I love seeing guys reaction when I tell them my bow will do absolutely everything their high dollar top of the line bow will do.

I appreciate the feedback. I have some more to think about. I don't like the idea of buying without being able to shoot that model first which limits my options. I plan on heading to a couple local shops next week and doing some shooting.

From: Pop-r
CamoFire has had a few Bear and Quest bows on lately. Rigged and bare bows. I'm shooting a 2010 Quest and am going to kill animals with it this year Lord willing. I've not been able to talk myself into a new one as I figure it's much better than I am.

From: HeadHunter®
You'll think I'm 'crazy' .... but Yard Sale or Flea Market ..... old recurve or long bow .... $20.00 to $50.00 will get you a Real Bow that will take ANY North American Big Game! It's all about being a 'bow hunter' and 'getting close to your game'! ....All the 'hi-tech' stuff is really not needed. (jmho) -}}}}}}}}}}}}}--------------------->

From: Buck Watcher
New Mission bows sell for $300-$500 with REAL Lifetime Warranty.

Mission bows are a bargain by anyone’s standard.

I just read Scrappys post. I too have a mission ballistic 2.0. The thing is remarkable. It’s lightning fast, very quiet, points like your finger, and holds so steady. I love it.

Few people think you can buy a bargain bow with the same performance as a flagship bow. That is simply not true. And, Mission has always offered the Mathews flagship, minus a few cami’ed accessories on the bow, at the same specs. For half the price of its brother Mathew flagship bow.

If you want budget, check around. Flagship bows are great if that’s what you decide you need. But, there are companies that offer an alternative in name but, the same in performance.

From: spike78
Use your bow until end of year and usually shops offer last years model on sale.

From: joehunter
If you like Bear take a look at the 2020 Divergent EKO - I just set one up for a hard core DIY public land whitetail hunter. He is a hang and hunt guy and needs reliable tough bow. This bow set up easy and tuned up easy. We found a used one on Ebay for under 500. It was in perfect shape. 75, 80, 85, 90 percent let off adjustable with out bow press.

From: Rookie
I’m with CFMuley on this one pick up a two or three year old flag ship bow 500 ahold get you one easy!

From: joehunter

If you have a local bow shop that you are happy with go to him and see what he has. Remember that you are "buying him" along with the bow. If you need service in a hurry, you'll go to the top of the line. You go to the internet, you'll be waiting. TMBB

I went to the shop today to look at options and get my hands on a few bows. The ones that stuck out to me were last year’s elite ritual 30” and also last year’s Hoyt (can’t for the life of me remember the name, but was the predecessor to axious). Both are a little more than my budget (of course). It was a little like buying perfume in that they all kind of ran together after a while, but there were a few that stunk. I appreciate the feedback and suggestions. I plan on heading to the other shop tomorrow.

From: JohnMC
You were worried about warranty in a earlier post. I would stay away from Elite. Only archery company I have ever dealt with that would not honor their warranty. Crappy company IMO.

From: WVFarrier
Try a Bear Moment. My wife absolutely LOVES hers. I got it new off ebay for $350.

From: badbull
I ( and family ) have owned Diamond, PSE, and Mission as well as other top brands. l would be looking at PSE and Diamond these days.

From: shooter
I'd look at used ones, many good ideas here. I bought a 4 year old Mathews this year for 250, shipped to my door.

From: 12yards
You can get brand new Elite Rituals for under $600. That is a great flagship bow for bargain bow price.

From: Boatman71
I have a nice Xpedition Perfexion for sale ;-) and in your budget range.

Well I have my new bow. It went differently than I expected, but happy with results. I appreciate the input. Ended up with last years Hoyt helix to the door for $700 with a d loop. I got it from a small shop in Ohio (sportsman’s den, Shelby) that was very helpful and fast. I found them on eBay selling other Hoyts and gave them a call. My local shops were not as helpful as I’d like though I will continue to visit and do business if they have what I’m looking for. I plan on running a few hundred arrows through it with a whisker biscuit then take it in for a drop away and peep. Again, thanks for the input.

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