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WY reduced price leftover tags
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DonVathome 08-Jul-20
Mule Power 08-Jul-20
wytex 08-Jul-20
DonVathome 09-Jul-20
From: DonVathome
Does WY ever come close to selling out leftover rifle reduced price cow/calf tags? In the past I know they did not but does anyone think they might this year? I do not care what unit. I know Idaho sold elk tags like never before............

From: Mule Power
The only ones I know of that don’t sell out are private land only tags.

From: wytex
I know one area that will not , or ever unless more access is gained. However it will gain a few thousand acres of access next year if not this one. It is not private land only tag but a mostly private area.

From: DonVathome

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