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Swan Valley Idaho vacation request?
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Inshart 08-Jul-20
jstephens61 09-Jul-20
Inshart 09-Jul-20
BULELK1 10-Jul-20
From: Inshart
This is a spur-of-the-moment trip that we are planning on spending a couple days in Swan Valley, Idaho as soon as next week. I've been through there many times, but never spent any time there.

I've Googled it and done some research and one thing that I'd like to do is rent an ATV and take a ride up into the mountains. The closest rental (that I could find) is Alpine, Wyoming. I even reached out to the chamber and the reply I received was that later this summer there might be an ATV rental coming to Swan Valley.

Does anyone know of a rental in Swan Valley? I could bring mine, but for convenience sake, I would rather just rent one.

From: jstephens61
Truthfully, it’s about a 3 minute ride from the shop in Alpine to the Idaho line. There’s trails that run right along the highway. Not sure where you’re wanting to go, but you can probably get there with no issues.

From: Inshart
Thanks, that helps a lot. I hadn't even considered driving the ATV back to Swan Valley.

If I was closer to ya, I'd let ya borrow my RZR2 and enclosed trlr.......

Alpine is much better idea though

Be safe and enjoy,


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