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Pigs in Jan.
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ahunter76 09-Jul-20
bentshaft 10-Jul-20
Fuzzy 10-Jul-20
ahunter76 10-Jul-20
foxwillkill 11-Jul-20
ahunter76 12-Jul-20
From: ahunter76
Got a call from my son yesterday. I am booked "with" him & 4 other friends at Shiloh for hogs in Jan.. I have been there several times in the past (several Pork a Paloozas) but it's been a while now. I hear all good about the new & current owners. Looking forward to another adventure with my son. ALL the others going I know well (we shoot 3-Ds together often). They are at that age (40s) that I need to keep an eye on them One of the fellas going has been to Shiloh a few times & I introduced him to them long ago. It should be an awesome crazy, fun filled trip.

From: bentshaft
Sounds like a lot of fun. Keep us informed.

From: Fuzzy
you'll love it. The faciliity is ideal for bowhunting

From: ahunter76
Fuzzy, I've been there many times. I was in the original Pork A Palooza gang..

From: foxwillkill
Have a great time. We ate scheduled to be back there in February.

From: ahunter76

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This will be a fun time for sure. My son & his bowhunting buddies are a mix of just plain fun. I usually make 3 or 4 3-Ds with them & they gather at my sons place to shoot his 12 target 3-d course too. They are all hard working & family orientated.

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