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Lone Eagle 09-Jul-20
JTreeman 09-Jul-20
kota-man 09-Jul-20
APauls 09-Jul-20
Bou'bound 09-Jul-20
Whocares 09-Jul-20
wildwilderness 10-Jul-20
newfi1946moose 10-Jul-20
Lone Eagle 13-Jul-20
elkmtngear 13-Jul-20
Lone Eagle 18-Jul-20
From: Lone Eagle
Has anyone heard when or if the US/Canadian border may open back up? I've got a Goat hunt scheduled in August, but it doesn't sound like it may happen this year.

From: JTreeman
Better see about rescheduling that one, not gonna happen this


From: kota-man
I've lost 4 hunts in Canada/Ak this, I just hope it opens back up by next spring.

From: APauls
Wouldn't count on it. Confidence in the US is going down not up.

From: Bou'bound
You have a better chance of getting a mountain goat in West Virginia than you do in August in Canada. Start scouting.

I lost 2 So far and planning on a missed moose hunt in oct

From: Whocares
Cost me 4 fishing trips already. I've given up. Time to focus out west.

I had two Canada hunts scheduled. First time to hunt down south (from AK :) but looks like they will be another year :(

My bear outfitter in QC told me yesterday that he had pushed all to 2021 but was uncertain even then...spring bear.

From: Lone Eagle
Thanks everyone for your input. Pretty much what I was expecting to hear.

From: elkmtngear
Seriously sucks, I really feel for you guys that had to give up those hunts !

From: Lone Eagle
I spoke with my outfitter yesterday. My Goat hunt will, hopefully, take place next year.

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