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Donation for a good cause, NO WOLVES
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From: Paul@thefort
If you hunt elk and or deer or plan to in the future in Colorado, help us defend against the forced reintroduction of the gray wolf into Colorado. Any donation will be appreciated. Paul Navarre, STW team leader, Larimer County.

From Stop The Wolf PAC. Radical environmental groups and out-of-state liberal elitists are spending millions of dollars to put Colorado families like yours in danger...

These liberal groups are trying to buy voter support for Colorado Proposition 107 – the Colorado Gray Wolf Introduction Initiative.

If passed, this would forcefully introduce the Canadian Gray Wolf into the wilds of Colorado. Here’s some facts on this species of wolf: Largest wolf species in the world Aggressive species Carry Hydatid Disease NOT native to Colorado These wolves would not only pose a threat to rural residents, ranchers and outdoor enthusiasts, but also to livestock and critical wildlife populations.

Even Colorado Parks & Wildlife is opposed to introducing these wolves in our state!

Stop the Wolf PAC is leading the charge AGAINST Prop 107 in order to protect Coloradans from becoming victims of a dangerous non-native wolf population.

But leftist groups funded mostly by wealthy out-of-state liberal elitists like George Soros are spending millions to force passage of this dangerous initiative.

Will you chip in $10, $25, $50 to protect our state and your family from their radical agenda and keep the Canadian Gray Wolf out of Colorado?

Go to and donated and help us defeat this initiative. Go to for more information and talking points.

Coloradans should be the ones who decide whether or not to introduce a dangerous non-native species in our state, not rich liberals from out of state.

We’re being vastly outspent by these leftist groups, and we need your support if we’re going to defeat this initiative.

I hate to say it ... but this could be a matter of life and death...

Please rush $10, $25, $50 or more to help us stop forced wolf introduction in Colorado!


Ted Harvey Colorado State Senator (ret.)

From: Paul@thefort
BTTT, ie, back to the top

From: Gotta Hunt
Thanks for posting Paul. I just donated and signed the petition. Hoping others will do the same.


From: Muddyboots
Paul, while I live out of state, I donated $25 to Stop the Wolves, probably back in January. I am now getting multiple requests weekly from STW for more money. This despite asking to be removed from their email list. Makes me wish I had never donated anything. I wish you well, but would prefer to not be hounded repeatedly for more money.

From: Ucsdryder
Completely off topic, but muddy boots, do yourself a favor and get a “spam” email. I have 2 emails. 1 email is for family and business emails and the other is for everything else. Everytime I sign up for a contest, donate to something, sign up for deals, etc. I get 50 emails a day on the spam email and I’ll usually give them a quick look once a day. Problem solved!

From: Paul@thefort
Steve, thanks for donation for sure and I understand your position. I have also donated money and in kind services and yes, I also get multi requests for more donations. At the same time, more facts and talking points are presented in the emails that can be pass on to others. To me it is just 'water off a duck's back' and we all do what we can. There are two sources with information. 1. Stop the Wolf Coalition and 2, Stop the Wolf PAC, (political action committee) that are sending out requests. Hang in there,, November 3 is just around the corner. Thanks, Paul

From: RTJ1980
I really wish there would have been a coalition in WI prior to the deer herd being decimated by wolves. Unfortunately they keep reintroducing elk in the areas of WI that have the highest wolf populations. Pretty expensive wolf feeding program. I gladly donated to STW and wish the ranchers and sportsman in CO good luck in this fight. I haven't hunted your state in a couple years, but like to have it as a back up when unable to draw.

From: JusPassin
Colorado has it's own share of "Liberal elitists" including the judges appointed by the wing nut Governor. Good luck to those of you normal folks who still want to live there.

From: chukarchump
I wish you luck but fear you will fall to the same result that Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming were forced to accept. It will be a creative plan to accomplish your goal and I will be watching with high interests. Good Luck!

From: Paul@thefort
Ronald. the difference between Colorado and Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming, is that the USFWS, using the Endangered Species Act, mandated that wolves will be reintroduced the those three states to the north and as you stated were "forced to accept". Colorado was never considered to be part of the Northern Wolf Recovery Project. But like 22 other states who are Ballot Initiative States, Colorado being one, the Prowolfers are using that to push their agenda ahead by placing the reintroduction issue on the ballot this Nov. 3. I guess you might be correct, if passed, Colorado will be forced to accept wolves but not by the USFWS but with the popular vote. Wolves are still listed by the USFWS so wolf management is under their watch for now. We are going to do all we can to defeat this Initiative, ie, fire with fire, money with money. my best , Paul

From: WapitiBob
USFWS has a regional office in Denver. Have you asked Director Walsh if a ballot measure would compel them to introduce wolves contrary to their Wolf Recovery Plan?

From: Jaquomo
Paul, as a good friend, I'll tell you we would love to donate some more but won't until we see a plan. So far all we've seen are some awful overlong videos on the STW website that no one will watch.

What does STW plan to do with the money? When will they become visible to the voting public? What is the strategy to win over the urban voters who will decide this measure?

From: Paul@thefort
Bob, Personally I have not contacted Director Walsh. The USFWS is on record to de-list the gray wolf US wide and "wash their hands" with this whole wolf subject/issue. If that happens in the near future and the states take total control to manage any wolves in that state, the USFWS will be out of the picture and not be compel to introduce wolves contrary to their wolf recovery plan. When delisting is attempted, I am sure the Prowolfers will file a lawsuit and hope to delay the process. This whole process can take years to finalize. Just my guess.

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