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Has anyone tried or uses scent thief?
Whitetail Deer
Contributors to this thread:
Capt C 10-Jul-20
Shb 10-Jul-20
jingalls 10-Jul-20
RD 11-Jul-20
From: Capt C
Just looking for feed back from anyone who has used scent thief.

From: Shb
All a scam.....

Everyone of them.

From: jingalls
Don’t think so Marty. The company that makes Lethal has contracts in the sports world to get rid of stank in locker rooms. If your buying it to keep from reeking of BO then yes it will. If your buying it as the only tool to be scent free to the animals...then not so much!

From: RD
I tried some last year after a friend said it worked good for him. I only had 2 weeks of the season left but had deer around me down wind that didn't seem alarmed. I will get a better idea this season.

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