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Kuiu remembers Jason Hairston
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Kuiu posted a remembrance of their founder. July 17th is his birthday. We all joke about the Kuiu warriors.

But there is no denying Jason’s impact for bringing mountaineering quality gear to the hunting world. Now no one tolerates heavy gear that won’t dry out.

I first met him when I was heading to the Himalaya and he had his new company starting. He was sending gear with me to test out. Unfortunately he didn’t receive the first shipment of the new KUIU brand until I had already left.

When I would run into him and try to talk him into climbing certain peaks, he would say he wasn’t interested unless there was a sheep up there. A very nice young man that suffered tragic injuries playing football.

And no I am not a head to toe KUIU model. I do have some select items

Here is my hunting attire from last week. Maybe a pair of Mammut shorts, but no Kuiu

From: Rgiesey
Read Brendan’s tribute to Jason. Brendan’s a good man. Met Jason’s dad at Omaha, great guy and enthusiastic. I got some free physical therapy. I’m guessing Jason got that from his dad I’ve used Sitka and now kuiu. Unbelievable clothing and materials. I don’t remember what I was wearing in the needles or the sangre’s in the 80s but it was nothing like this!

From: Bou'bound
Nice tribute. As sad and senseless today as it was two years ago.

From: Archbull

From: yooper89
CTE is no joke. I hope his kids and wife are doing well. RIP to a good man.

From: pirogue
Nice reflections. The first year of Sitka Gear, I was on a job near Dixon, and called him up. He invited me to his house, where he was moving product out of his garage, to show me the line. Was always easy to see his genuine care for the consumer, and not a middle man.

From: pirogue
Nice reflections. The first year of Sitka, I was on a job near Dixon, and called him up. He invited me to his house, where he was moving product out of his garage, to show me the line. His genuine concern for the consumer, and not the middle man, has always been evident.

From: Pop-r
Bless his soul. We must remember that our Lord looks at suicide as murder.

From: Drnaln
Pop-r....Not the time or place

From: deerslayer
Can you post a link? I can’t find it.

From: Earltex
Met Jason in Norman Wells on our way out to hunt sheep with Arctic Red. Kicked off our friendship with few cold ones at the Heritage Hotel bar and at some point he asked to go through my gear. When packing for an August hunt in Houston Texas, cold weather is the last thing on your mind and it was evident I was grossly unprepared. At some point, he went back to his room and brought me back a brand new down pullover and said I might need it.

Man, he proved to be right. The hunt started out at 80 degrees and dropped to the teens several days in. Totally changed the outcome of my hunt.

We met again in Norman Wells a year later on our way to another sheep hunt and I thanked him to no end. This encounter defined him as a person. He always wanted to help.

Not a day goes by that I don’t put on that pullover and think of him. What a great man.

From: Kurt
What a great story, Earl!

From: Matt
He certainly had a passion for the companies he formed. RIP Jason.

From: Paul@thefort
I hope his family is doing well. Life is so short. my best, Paul

From: Brotsky
The world is a better place for having had people like Jason in it, even if it were for far too short a time. God bless his family and friends, and may he finally find peace. I’m a Kuiu guy, and have a time of their gear and will continue to as long as they produce the best gear with the best bang for my buck as Jason intended. They also do awesome things for conservation and support bowhunting orgs like Pope and Young as corporate sponsors. All well done.

I only met him a couple times at the trade shows, great guy, great gear! So much better hunting the mountains in KUIU instead of my jeans, and runners with a garbage bag for a rain coat!

From: Surfbow
I don't care who you are or what you wear, he made a big mark on the hunting gear industry and hopefully his kids will grow up to be fine young men.

From: Ermine
Very sad deal. Suicide always is. Jason had so much to offer and impacted a lot of the hunting industry

Brotsky +1

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