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Mule Deer
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JSW 12-Jul-20
wildwilderness 13-Jul-20
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JSW 15-Jul-20
From: JSW

JSW's embedded Photo
JSW's embedded Photo
I will be hunting desert mule deer on the Armendaris ranch in southern New Mexico in early September. We have 2 openings if anyone is interested. It is a non guided hunt but you won't be totally on your own. We have ground blinds and cameras set up ahead of time. It's a combination of spot and stalk and water hole hunting. I hunted there last September and had a great time. I've attached a picture of last years buck. PM me if you are interested in one of the spots. $3,000 for six full days of hunting. It's an OTC tag.

That’s a great buck, and a really good deal. Too bad sept is always too busy

From: TXCO
Beautiful buck!

From: JSW
The spots are still available.

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