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DRT Broadheads
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jstephens61 14-Jul-20
wraith8 15-Jul-20
ground hunter 15-Jul-20
Thunderhawk 15-Jul-20
Buglmin 15-Jul-20
ground hunter 15-Jul-20
jstephens61 15-Jul-20
From: jstephens61
Anyone have any experience with the DRT double bevel broadheads?

Picked up a single and so far, I’ll impressed with the way it flies. After I shoot it a little more, going to put it on the stone and see how it sharpens back up.

Anyone taken an animal with one? Praise or horror stories? Thanks for any input.

From: wraith8
I've used them for the past 4 years and like them. The only complaint I've had was the aluminum ferrule bent on one after going through a bear and sticking into a tree root. That one was very obvious when I picked it up. At the moment I don't recall if any of the others that have been used on game had any noticeable bend. I'll have to dig them up when I get home and spin test them. I did have some trouble getting them to hit with my field points, but that was more user error than anything to do with the broadheads and was able to solve that fairly simply once I realized where the source of the problem actually was. I've got a few single bevels also and haven't noticed any difference in performance between them and the double bevel heads.

I love that head, from the first time I saw them several years ago. I shoot the DB DRT out of my 41lb long bow. easy to sharpen, and for the price of the heads, if one gets wrecked, so what.... However they will replace any head, that shows damage, because I brought one to them, at a deer show, and they did just that.....

They fly great, and I know a few Iowa boys that use them, with their compounds.....

From: Thunderhawk
Good head

From: Buglmin
I used them for one season, and after bending a broadhead on the wing of a turkey, I stopped using them. Wasn't very impressed with them.

I have a hard time to believe the last post,,, I have shot 3 bears with them and 2 exotics, one being a large fallow buck,,,,,

From: jstephens61
Might have been the Shred head. Not much blade support the way it’s designed.

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