Slay for clover
Whitetail Deer
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firemen 15-Jul-20
pav 15-Jul-20
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MDW 05-Aug-20
darralld 05-Aug-20
From: firemen
What else can you use for clover instead of slay? Slay is very costly.

From: pav
Imox w/Nitrosurf for grasses and broadleaf weeds....all in one application.

-OR- Butyrac 200 w/o surfactant for weeds and Clethodim w/surfactant for grasses

Buy all the above chemicals at Keystone Pest Solutions....shipped to your door.

The Imox appears pretty expensive until you do the math on application rates.

Good luck!

From: t-roy
^^^^This. You might save a little bit on shipping, if you can find the Clethodim and/or the Butyrac, plus the surfactant from a local co-op near you, especially if you’re in ag country.

From: MDW
Just bought a gallon of "Cleanse" at local coop. Mild enough for use on garden stuff, but works on most all grasses. 26.4% clethium.

From: darralld
Grass Out Max

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