Saddle hunting tips
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TD 16-Jul-20
Shawn 16-Jul-20
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JC3 28-Jul-20
Shiras42 28-Jul-20
JC3 30-Jul-20
From: TD

TD's Link
Many hours worth or reading, tips, DIY and everything saddle at the link. Great forum. Kind of the bowsite of saddle hunting.... =D

From: Shawn
Biggest tip is practice with your climbing method and setting platform. It is huge to get a system down and practice, practice, practice!! Shawn

From: MarkU
What kind of saddles are you going after?

From: JC3
I have "saddle" hunted since 87' and tried all kinds of "saddles" homemade and store bought. Save yourself time, money and agrevation and buy the JX3 saddle, it is an upgrade from the old Guido's sling. It is the most comfortable and easy to use out there. Not the cheapest, but easily the most comfortable, my biggest problem is staying awake.......

From: Shiras42
JX3 website says to contact them about product availability. Tried doing that several months ago and never heard back...

From: JC3
Call John @JX3 he is great to deal with.

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