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American made pants with knee pads
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SJJ 16-Jul-20
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From: SJJ
I'm looking for American Made hunting pants with knee pads that are not the excessively expensive big brand names. Seems there are good tactical pants out there but many are made in China and I'm never going to help them

From: Zbone

From: BUCKeye
I seem to recall a similar thread not too long ago. I think the main suggestion was to make your own. You might be able to search and find it.

From: jstephens61
Not sure you’re going to find any. Most stuff is sewn in Vietnam. Sitka is an American company and you get what you pay for.

From: Huntcell
maybe to light a fabric for hunting but don't business suits come standard with knee pads.

From: Swampbuck
Hunt, now that is funny!!!!

Sitka clothes are sewn in America?

From: SBH
Those trousers will cost about $900 dollars with all the union/labor laws we have.

I started the other thread and bought a pair of sitka pants with knee pads. They are well made and very comfortable. They ride low on the knee so when you kneel down its a perfect fit on your knee. I wear gaitors pretty much 100% of the time and i cant wear both so i'll have to decide when i want the knee pads. Good luck

From: Ucsdryder
Sitka prices their gear like they’re made in America!

From: EMB
Shoot, even my ACUs were made in Taiwan. Go figure. They do have pockets for knee pads.

Sitka has knee pads that as noted above fit perfectly when you kneel. At first I thought they would be klunky and noisy but I was wrong. They are great Kuiu pants are more “enhanced “ and thickened than knee pads. Again, they are great too. I prefer Sitka knee pads when hunting elk in extreme rocky ground where I have lots of experience and kuiu in less rocky but still rough country such as sheep and caribou. Limited experience there. Both are first class with great customer service

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