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GrizzlyStik Momentums
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WVFarrier 17-Jul-20
x-man 17-Jul-20
Treeline 17-Jul-20
olebuck 17-Jul-20
altitude sick 17-Jul-20
DEMO-Bowhunter 17-Jul-20
krieger 17-Jul-20
From: WVFarrier
Ive been kicking around the idea of trying them out. Does anyone have first hand experience with the Momentum Shafts?

From: x-man
I have no first-hand experience but, I've been a regular member of this forum for 20 years and I've yet to hear one good review of Grizzlystick shafts.

From: Treeline
I have a set of 12. I think they are like 760 grains to balance out and tune off my longbow. Made them up for asiatic buffalo. Ended up not using them because the broadheads were right wing and the feathers were left wing.

From: olebuck
i think the victorys are a better arrow. take a look at the new victory SS...

They are just ok. Not consistent in weight or spine.

Several better options for the same cost or less.

I set up a dozen at 650 grains last year for a brown bear and moose hunt. I'd say they are better than some give them credit for on here. I believe they are a more modern run that in years past. With the massi broadhead, I was grouping them as well as I can at 55 yards. Didn't stretch them out any more than that. Shot a A/Y moose with them last year and they did their job at 45 yards.

From: krieger
The ones from 10 years ago were junk, the new ones are much better. Victory is making them for GrizzlyStic now, not sure if it's every model, but they do make a lot for them. I wouldn't be afraid to try them out now, if I was going on a DG hunt.

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