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Schl44 18-Jul-20
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Mark Watkins 19-Jul-20
From: Schl44
I live in West Central Wi, This year i want to over seed my soy bean food plots with turnips ,radish and winter rye. The beans were planted the last week of June. They were broadcasted and i got a really great catch. I just sprayed them for weeds with RU. When should i plant the turnips ,radishes and winter rye. Is it ok to plant those three together being they are going to be over seeded into my beans? Thanks for any ideas!!

From: t-roy
They can all be planted together without any issues, however, you probably won’t get tremendous growth on your turnips or radishes if you have canopied beans. They won’t get enough sunlight to do really well, but you should get some tops at least. If your beans have some open spaces (which I’d assume you do if they were planted in late June), you’ll get more growth out of them. I’d recommend interseeding those in the next couple weeks. I’d wait to broadcast the rye after September 1st. If you can time it to seed right before a rain, you’ll get better results as far as germination. I’d suggest seeding the turnips/radishes mix at 10-12bs per acre, and the rye at 50-75lbs per acre, to account for lower germination rates.

I’d also recommend seeding your radishes and turnips separately vs mixing them together. The radish seed is bigger than the turnip seed, so you have to open up the spreader opening wider to get it to feed out. The smaller turnip seeds will want to feed out too quickly if mixed together. Good luck!

From: Mark Watkins
T-roy speaks the truth^^^


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