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bow-hnt 21-Jul-20
Trophyhill 21-Jul-20
Firsty 23-Jul-20
YZF-88 23-Jul-20
Lone Bugle 24-Jul-20
From: bow-hnt
I am hunting out of state, getting harder and harder to draw in my state, So it’s time for new adventures , I am hunting Idaho this year, I tried to get info from the locals in Idaho , but to no avail.... I get it..... I am hunting the beaverhead units this September, if anyone wants to share some info when they hunted there , it will be greatly appreciated! Thanks

From: Trophyhill
Use the information that you've used in your previous areas. Experience. Apply your knowledge of elk hunting to find them

From: Firsty
Colorado OTC

From: YZF-88
I don’t have a tag but just got back from a scouting trip in that unit. It’s steeper than I’m used too!

I’m helping out a buddy on his first ever elk hunt this year. He picked that unit so I’ll drive up to meet him. I really hope I can pull a bull in front of him. Found a few bulls, cows and sign from last year.

From: Lone Bugle
Colorado doesn't have any more elk.... The libs have renamed them "gentle beasts" and ordered reparations. They are protected.

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