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From: Ucsdryder

Ucsdryder's Link
Someone give him an award for story telling!

From: WapitiBob

From: Z Barebow
I watched this the other night. I agree w/story telling abilities. Laughed a lot.

From: Brotsky
I laughed so hard at this story. The entire family came out and watched with me. They know my penchant for doing the “dysentery disco” myself once in awhile. Well done Big Fin!

From: JL
That was funny. If ya hunt enough...ya been there before.

From: Medicinemann
About ten years ago, I went to the Yukon on a caribou/moose bowhunt with Blackstone Outfitters. Got giardia from the water while out in the bush. Bigpizzaman AND now, Randy Newberg, have a great way of describing just how sudden and unexpected those experiences can be....all I can say, is that I ran out of TP within the first hour. I "colored" so many of those grassy hummocks up there (by dragging my ass across the tundra) that it probably could have marked a runway for a small plane.....

From: Mark Watkins
Jake, Thanks for the humor (and the visual)!!!!

I just belly laughed for ten minutes!!!

Randy is a standup guy!


From: butcherboy
That was great! I really enjoy watching his shows and his commentary. I could certainly point him in the right direction for more great New Mexican cuisine.

Huntin with him sure looks like a good time.

From: bowhunter24
Randy could share a camp with me anytime...but I would keep an eye on my T.P.

From: Big Fin
Glad folks find the humor in it. I'm sure we've all been there at time or two. If you haven't been there, odds are your time is not far off.

Wish I could get that Unit 17 late archery tag again, but I suspect that was my one and only time. If I did draw it again, I would probably lay off the chili until the hunt was over.

From: Ucsdryder
Randy, I bet if you’d just killed that big bull opening morning it wouldn’t have been nearly as memorable!

From: Treeline

Great story! I know that country well - spent a few years helping elk hunters in that part of the world...

Pretty sure I have have had to use that same pull out on at least one occasion. That 40 minute drive from Socorro was just about right for a great Mexican meal to ripen...

Just lucky to have grown up on hot chilies across Texas, New Mexico and Arizona or I might have been gimping around crippled for a week like you were...

From: Mt. man
Well Chit! BWahahaha!

From: ESP
Great story.

From: Abndoc
I listened to the podcast this morning on the way to work...we’ve all been there. Good story!

If this ever happens to anyone, a little hydrocortisone cream on your backside goes a long way towards healing the Bern.

From: keepemsharp
Randy: the wife and I got a hoot of it, have a good time.

From: elkmtngear
"I felt at that point, like I was riding bareback on a belt sander, with no underwear"

You're killing me, Randy...I truly lost it when I heard that!

From: Trial153
Randy is a class act.

From: Mnhunter1980
Been there too many times, great story

From: Bou'bound
The guy is really solid. Good for sport.

From: badbull
His shows are the best out there IMHO and a good guy.

From: LWood
Laughed out loud several times, Randy. Thanks for sharing.

haven't listened to it yet but i will. when you have beaver fever while on a plane, other passengers tend to get knocked out of the aisle when headed for the head. that's my memory anyway

From: tobywon
Thanks for the good laugh. That was the 2 alarm chili? Wonder how it would have been with the 5 alarm!!! Wish you had a camera on the camera guy. I certainly couldn't be your camera guy during that interview without losing

From: Shiras42
Headed through there in just under 2 months...I like chili, but not that much! hahahaha

From: TEmbry
Im not sure if it was in the water or the food, but I lost 12 lbs in 2 days on a musk ox hunt a few winters back on Nunivak. Got about 40 miles from town on the far side of the island when it hit me like a semi truck. I projectiled from both ends like 70-80 times before I was completely empty and damn near too weak to even stand up.

From: BowHiker
Hilarious! Love your YouTube content Mr. Newberg, keep em coming.

From: SteveB
"I felt at that point, like I was riding bareback on a belt sander, with no underwear" My favorite line too. Sounds a bit too familiar actually. lol Randy, is 17 terrain as rugged as I've heard?

Thanks for sharing!

From: W8N4RUT
That was hilarious. Really enjoyed it.

Thanks Randy!

From: jingalls
LMAO! Need more of those Randy. Thanks for sharing!!!

From: Archbull
Love his Podcasts! Hunting with him would be a Hoot!

Check out his new video, he buys a llama.. They look like twins :)

From: Inshart
Yup, agree with others ----- laughed out loud.

From: SlipShot
I have no idea how he kept a somewhat strait face?!?!?

From: Rut Nut
There’s some real irony here! It is 3:43 AM and I am sitting on the toilet with some serious GI “issues”...............I actually woke the wife up I am laughing so hard! Between the moaning and groaning (and other bodily noises) and laughing, she says “what on earth are you doing in there?!” ;-)

That’s some good Chili!

From: JL
"she says “what on earth are you doing in there?!” ;-)"

.....That would have been the time to tell her "I'm talking to Jake from State Farm!" and see what she does.

From: Bentstick54
Randy’s the man. Nothing like telling it like it is. LMAO

From: Rut Nut
LMBO JL! : )

Awesome story.... That made my day. Thanks

From: Huntcell
what I don't get is how that chili could have gone from the inlet to the outlet in the time it took to walk across the street.

its a darn medical phenomenon as it takes normally 6-8 hours to clear the stomach and small intestine and another 12 or more to go through the large intestine normally and all this according to the Mayo website that says normal process to complete passage is 2 days or more.

so it would seem he ate something earlier that caused the initial distress and the chili only latter compounded the problem? or did I miss something in the time line from leaving the diner and arriving across the street a few minutes latter?

and half hour latter out in the country he is pooping chili????, something not right, is he missing his intestines even before he ate the chili for it to pass thru in such unbelievable short time? its impossible to pass something in such a short time frame otherwise.

From: bigswivle
That was funny

From: Brotsky
Sometimes it's okay to just laugh and enjoy yourself without questioning everything.

From: LINK
Who hasnt had some Chinese or Mexican food that causes you to evacuate immediately. Maybe not to this extreme but wether it passed through or not it sometimes gets immediate results.

From: butcherboy
Apparently you have never had extremely hot NM green chili. I was raised on it and it goes on everything. The older I get, the less I can handle hot chili. Still love the green chili but have toned the heat down some. Lol

From: elkmtngear
Seems like I always purge, the day of the opener...Chili or no chili ! Anticipation of the hunt I guess.

Thanks for the warning, Randy!

From: NoWiser
Huntcell, you've obviously never had REAL diarrhea, have you? While I envy you, I can say with the utmost confidence that you are wrong.

The GI tract can empty itself within minutes if it decides to flip that switch.

From: JL
I was on a deployment and got sick eating something in Brazil once that near killed me....killer cramps that would bend ya over 4 ways. On the flip side...sort of....had constipation real bad after first chemo....I gave a painful birth. Along that lines....I think if ya travel across time zones for a hunt and your circadian rhythm is interrupted, that will back ya up. Had that happen a few times on hunts.

From: KsRancher
NoWiser X2

From: jordanathome
I tell a story about having to drop a turd while hunting and everyone gets all offended and butthurt over it.....Randy does it and its a great story. Not fair!

From: KSflatlander
What a great story teller.

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