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jbrownlow 22-Jul-20
pav 22-Jul-20
BigSkyHntr 22-Jul-20
Scoot 22-Jul-20
LKH 22-Jul-20
hoyt-6190 22-Jul-20
Buskill 22-Jul-20
Chief 419 26-Jul-20
Bowboy 26-Jul-20
Daff 29-Jul-20
Rickm 29-Jul-20
From: jbrownlow
I'm headed to the breaks for an elk hunt in Mid September. Is there anyone that's been there that time of year that could recommend some clothing options? No bias towards any brand at all, just want to ensure i'm comfortable while we're there.

From: pav
Hunted the Breaks last half of September 2017. There were days I could have hunted in short sleeves. Snowed on me twice. My advice, be prepared for anything.

From: BigSkyHntr
Yep it’ll likely be hot but it can get cold surprisingly quickly! A lighter camo pattern would be good, I think the new Kuiu Valo would be about perfect! Or something similar. P. S. Don’t forget to prepare for mosquitos! Some years there nonexistent, the next you will get eaten!

From: Scoot
Pav nailed it. From 85 and blistering hot to 34 and cold as hell! Oh, and if it rains a reasonable amount, it doesn't matter what vehicle you have or what boots you are wearing- you're screwed. Good luck!

From: LKH
Have hunted it many times and weather is generally cold in the a.m. and hot the rest of the time.

I used to wear pants I could roll up and clothespin up for the hike out. Also packed a white t-shirt for same.

Try and get light colored clothing, tan is good, for all the grass you will be in. This has been a wet year and you will be dealing with ample growth.

Last few years have had excess rain at times. Boots can weigh 10 lbs at times.

Parts of the breaks have burned in recent years and cheat grass is becoming dominant which is terrible for elk, deer, and all other animals.

From: hoyt-6190
Skeeters seem to be thick in areas this summer. As for camo a lighter pattern I believe is better, as stated be prepared for any weather. Grass seems good this year. I’m afraid it won’t be as green opening weekend of archery as it was last year.

From: Buskill
Pray it stays dry. That mud is the worst.

From: Chief 419
X2 what Pav said. Be prepared for anything. I hunted the first week of October. Be prepared for mud like you’ve never seen before. Throw your boots away when you get home. There’s no saving them.

From: Bowboy
Agree with pav. When I was there last it rained and snowed quite a lot.

From: Daff
Hunted there many times in the last 20 years or so most years. I would make sure i had good sunscreen shorts, short sleeve shirt. If you're close to ft peck i'd take a swim suit for the miserable days. In the unlucky event they have rain the week before you arrive take plenty of mosquito repellent they will bite through 2 long sleeve t-shirts. They are horrible! I've usually hunted the last 2 weeks in September. I had to pack an elk out a couple years ago with temps in the high 80's. I've only seen snow out there once in that time frame and that was the first time I went before permits were required. I'd plan for anything from 30 -90 and hope it stays dry! Good luck have fun!

From: Rickm
Book plenty of time. You can easily go several un huntable days if it rains. Its not just getting your truck stuck, it can be almost impossible to walk any distance.

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