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What broadheads have you accumulated
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12yards 22-Jul-20
Swampbuck 22-Jul-20
bigswivle 22-Jul-20
Ironbow-cell 22-Jul-20
GhostBird 22-Jul-20
keepemsharp 22-Jul-20
Will 22-Jul-20
GBTG 22-Jul-20
Thunderhawk 22-Jul-20
PoudreCanyon 22-Jul-20
elkmtngear 22-Jul-20
DanaC 22-Jul-20
Outdoorsdude 22-Jul-20
Bowboy 22-Jul-20
t-roy 22-Jul-20
Buffalo1 22-Jul-20
Knife Cobbler 22-Jul-20
Trophyhill 23-Jul-20
Tyler 23-Jul-20
caribou77 23-Jul-20
APauls 24-Jul-20
Keith 24-Jul-20
jstephens61 24-Jul-20
papadeerhtr 28-Jul-20
12yards 28-Jul-20
sundowner 01-Aug-20
stagetek 02-Aug-20
The last savage 07-Aug-20
shooter 07-Aug-20
carcus 07-Aug-20
Bloodtrail 07-Aug-20
MDW 07-Aug-20
oldgoat 07-Aug-20
From: 12yards
I've got: Bear Super Razorheads - Killed lots with these.

Some other Bear replaceable 3 blade Grizzly maybe?? - Killed first deer with these.

Bear Razorhead Lites - Killed several deer with these.

Cabelas Lazer Supremes or something like that. - Killed several deer with these.

Rocket Steelhead 100s - Killed a handfull with these.

Rocket Steelhead 125s - Killed several with these.

Muzzy three blade 100s - Never hunted with these.

NAP Hellrazor 100s - Killed one deer with these.

NAP Hellrazor 125s - Killed one deer with these.

Magnus Stinger 4 blade 100s - Never hunted with these.

Magnus Stinger 4 blade 150s - Killed one deer with these.

From: Swampbuck
Way to many, I still have unopened packages of wasps and satellites from the 80s

From: bigswivle
Lmao, I’m fixing to move and we started going through stuff over the weekend, I could stock a small archery shop with broadheads. I’ve got schwackers, rages, all of the g5 heads and even some meat worms. Maybe I have a problem

From: Ironbow-cell
I have over 100 different heads. Killed something with 28 different heads. If they are really sharp and put where they are supposed to go, stuff dies. Blood trails, penetration and animal reactions vary with different heads.

From: GhostBird

GhostBird's embedded Photo
GhostBird's embedded Photo
GhostBird's embedded Photo
GhostBird's embedded Photo
GhostBird's embedded Photo
GhostBird's embedded Photo

From: keepemsharp
Ghost: now that there is trad.

From: Will
Crap, that looks awesome. Had to stink to do the work tiling those in, I'd be pooped... I'm sorry, truly, the "dad joke gene" is strong in me. The fact is, that's one of the coolest tile jobs I've ever seen! Are those real or replica heads?

From: GBTG
Too cool!

From: Thunderhawk
Never thought of that!!! As for 80 sattelites, best the remain unopened??????

From: PoudreCanyon
Ghostbird - Awesome!

From: elkmtngear
Wow, fantastic work, Ghostbird!

From: DanaC
I've still got a few NAP Razorback-5's sitting in a box...

From: Outdoorsdude
Ghostbird WOW !!!

-what was the question again?

From: Bowboy
That is awesome looking Ghost!

From: t-roy
Very cool, ghostbird. A guy I know did the same concept as that in his bathroom as well. I’m planning on building a live edge dining room table out of walnut, and I always thought it would be neat to incorporate a few arrowheads in clear epoxy in one of the voids in the wood. Unfortunately, I suck at arrowhead hunting.

From: Buffalo1
Out of all the miscellaneous BH's anybody got any trade material?

Magnus 1 and 2, stingers, bear greenheads, wenzel woodsman, snuffers , vpas, grizzly single bevel, grizzly instinct, zwickeys, and some oddball stuff. I think I am done, Might need an intervention...

From: Trophyhill
SlickTricks of several models, Muzzys, Grim Reapers, G5's, Tiburons, Buzzcuts and a handful of others I can't even name. RazorTricks get the nod over all others for the time being.

From: Tyler
None left. took them all up to cape York hunting hogs last month and cleared out the stocks. left them in swamps or in hogs lol. was a wild looking quiver.

From: caribou77

caribou77's embedded Photo
caribou77's embedded Photo
You fellas don’t have $hit unless you have 3 unopened packs of these babies!

From: APauls
Way too many. Never had a failure of any kind including a good many mechanicals.

From: Keith
Ghost, that is awesome. I have one question, what's with the hair? You collecting scalps, too?

From: jstephens61
Just bought a box of NAP Razorback 5 for a $1.

From: papadeerhtr
I have Magnus, woodsmans, Muzzy Phantoms, Steelheads, Rage and just bought pack of Stik also some Meatseekers lol

From: 12yards
Oh that's right. I have some Phantoms too. Two in my tackle box and one in a red pine in the back yard.

From: sundowner
A bunch of Rocket Sidewinders. Killed a lot of deer with them too. I liked that the blade that hit a rib would bend down and allow the arrow to keep going. Now I stick with Wasp JakHammers. Very tough mech head.....and shaving sharp out of the box.

From: stagetek
Mostly Bear Razorheads, Bodkins, MA-3's, Pearson Deadheads and Switch Blades, Magnus II's, Snuffers and an unopened package of Savora Swept wings.

Bou77...ill give you $18.50 for a pack of those killer heads.....

From: shooter
I've got some Magnus, 2 and 4 blade, Snuffers, Woodsmans, right now I've been back to shooting 3 blade Muzzys again, so I've got a bunch of them too!

From: carcus
Razerbacks Thunderheads muzzys of all types Bear razorheads Nap razorcaps Stingers steelforce reg and phats slicktricks rocket steelheads grim reapers rocky mountain, snypers and fixed blade sevr's exodus Probably missing a few

From: Bloodtrail

Bloodtrail's embedded Photo
Bloodtrail's embedded Photo
I’ll see your Pucketts and raise you.... a Punchcutter.... I have about 8-9 of these still around. Never used them on an animal.

From: MDW
Have about 2500 different heads in display cases, oldest is 1918, newest ones just of production line this summer.

From: oldgoat
I have lots more kinds that I haven't killed shit with than kinds I have!

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