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From: Shiras42
Anyone have a good suggestion for a bowhunting vest. I would have liked to have tried the Cabela's bowhunter vest, but they don't make it anymore. Everything they make with lots of pockets is nylon or some other loud material. Here is my wish list, mostly for whitetail hunting:

Quiet - preferably fleece, wool or another silent material

Front Pockets - Lots of pockets in front both on the abdomen and chest areas (inner and outer). Pockets for calls, binos, range finder, and the 50 other things I always seem to take with me.

Back Pouch - I like to have a pouch in the back for slipping an extra jacket, seat pad or rattling antlers in.

Warmth - Either lightweight or midweight at most. Something that can be worn early season or as a top layer in later season.

From: Nick Muche
The Catalyst from First Lite is really nice. Quiet, couple pockets, and durable. I like wearing a vest because it goes well with how I carry my rangefinder (tethered to my bino harness and stored in my right hand pocket for simple and quiet access)

From: mgmicky
I like vests also and a have a few different ones depending on the weather. Other than a turkey vest, I don’t think I’ve seen any with a back pouch like you mentioned. If you are just going to have 1, it probably makes sense to get a soft shell like Nick mentions above. The Sika Jetstream and Kuiu Guide vests are good too.

I really liked this one last year. 2 pockets high, 2 side and 2 inner pockets. Very soft, quiet and warm.

From: wytex
My old King of the mountain vest works great for me.

From: Shiras42
Thanks for the input, but still not there. More pockets! Like a hybrid of a turkey vest, fly fishing vest, photographers vest and a regular old fleece vest. Camo is not necessary.

From: nehunter
I love my Hunter Safety Vest. Lots of pockets and my range finder fits perfectly.

I actually used it on an archery Vermont Moose hunt a few years ago. Belt straps were extra weight but it fit the bill that week. No tree stand hunting either just spot and stalk and call.

From: bpctcb
I use a Humvee vest and absolutely love it. It’s meant for photography I believe but it suits archery hunting very well. I think mine has 13 pockets. Available in black, tan, green. I did trim off a little Velcro to prevent game spooking noise. Available in cotton, cotton/poly blend or all poly. It even has a good size back pocket.



BULELK1's embedded Photo
BULELK1's embedded Photo
No secret I've always been a Primo's guy so I like the lighter color one vs the darker color one for my bow hunts.

Good luck, Robb

From: BUCKeye
You could always sew on a back pouch if needed

Primos is the best one I’ve used. Cabelas was way to heavy and hot.

From: Drummer Boy
Day one makes a great vest, and you can get it with a back pouch.

From: Buglmin
Yep, Day One makes a very like that.

From: bentshaft

From: Norseman
Where’s Waldo, Robb? Nice rack! He he he...peek a boo

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I have used a vest for years. One day in SD, another bowhunter said to me, I never thought of that. I do not like the weight of a day pack, or trying to get at items in a fanny pack.

I wear a Fish Pod vest, in dull flat green. Same as my trout vest, which is what it is. Easy to shoot with on, regardless of bow. Breathes well, and enough storage for what I need for a day hunt. I can get to my range finder easy etc.

I always wear binocs, and for my Strykers, I have the Rick Young Harness, and it all works well together.

The system is light, functional and practical..... works for me

From: Shiras42
Checking out that DayOne vest and have some questions out to them. Thanks for the replies!

From: Yogibar
Is Day One still in business?

Yes day one is still going

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