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Fixed blade “Crossbow” broadheads ??
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N8tureBoy 25-Jul-20
WVFarrier 25-Jul-20
vmang 25-Jul-20
BTM 25-Jul-20
Buffalo1 25-Jul-20
3arrows 25-Jul-20
Spiral Horn 25-Jul-20
PECO 25-Jul-20
Buck Watcher 25-Jul-20
Thunderhawk 25-Jul-20
Ucsdryder 25-Jul-20
From: N8tureBoy
I shoot a compound bow and have been looking at some of the newer fixed blade broadheads. Some are labeled “crossbow”. I can understand that a mechanical head may possibly open early if shot from a crossbow, but what would be different with a fixed blade head. Is this just a marketing ploy??

From: WVFarrier
Id say it was marketing. My wife uses the same broadheads for both with no issues

From: vmang
I also use my Muzzy MX-4 's for my compound and my crossbow, no issues.

From: BTM
No way was I going to further complicate my broadhead collection. Slick Trick 125-grain standards fly great out of my Excalibur.

From: Buffalo1
I have long believed "Crossbow" on BH packages is a lot about marketing = increased sales.

I do know that some BH's do not fly as well with crossbows as with vertical bows. I would talk with a pro shop and fellow Xbow shooters to get feedback on failures and successes.

From: 3arrows
Some crossbows are 100 fps faster than compounds .

From: Spiral Horn
I shoot 125gr QAD Exodus from both my bow and crossbow. As far as I can tell there is zero difference between the bow and xbow heads other than the word crossbow on one of the packages - they fly the same.

From: PECO
I used a standard 125gr Hell Razor with a crossbow and had excellent results.

From: Buck Watcher
I talked to QAD about their Exodus heads. There is a difference. Since X-bow bolts are larger diameter than an arrow, the collar on the Exodus X-bow head is a larger diameter. The rest of the head is the same.

From: Thunderhawk
It's not marketing. A redesign was done for the speed of the newer xbows

From: Ucsdryder
I’ve been told by a couple manufacturers that it’s marketing and they’re identical.

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