Any one shoot ramcats
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From: FULLDRAW0930
Anyone have any info on ramcats

Which ones, original or Diamondbacks. 125 g or 100 g. I used the diamondback 125 grains on a moose. Left a huge hole with crazy blood trail. The blades had to be replaced but the ferrule was still in perfect shape.

From: bowhunter55
I shoot the Deep 6 100gr. Extremely accurate and yes, crazy blood trails.

From: tkjwonta
I've shot the original 100 grain with good results in practice and on the one whitetail unlucky enough to walk under my stand. I'd definitely use them again.

From: Thunderhawk
I shot them since they came out. Even after being sold they are still good head. Quiver specific. I have their original machined quiver. They fly great. Big holes, great blood trails. One elk and alot of deer and hogs

From: Shotgunwilly
I shoot the 100 gr original version and would recommend them.

From: EIStone
I have shot the 125 gr. since they came out, accurate and deadly.

From: WVFarrier
I used the 100 gr hydroshocks for 1 season but my problem with them was how fragile the blades are. I shot a doe with one and the blade sheared off, jammed into the shaft and sliced the shafts down about 12". I tested a couple others into a foam deer target and had blades break on the first shot. I lost faith in them after that

From: Thunderhawk
I have shot them for.yesrs never seen that.

From: Hondolane
Great head

From: ohiohunter

ohiohunter's embedded Photo
ohiohunter's embedded Photo
I shot ramcats when they first came out. I shot this bull at 30yds, I literally heard the arrow punch in and punch out. It was my first elk and a tad light arrow, about 395gr. He fell in sight, what a rush.

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