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Aces11 25-Jul-20
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carcus 27-Jul-20
From: Aces11
Anyone ever sharpen QAD Exodus tips? I was messing around with a 125 head, and sharpened the tip with a flat stone Lansky. Just running the tip flat and rotating it. Gave it an edge and made it sharper than it was.

From: Shaft
I've messed around with sharpening other head tips, but I thought the Quad Exodus tips were pretty sharp the way I bought them, so I didn't mess with them. I don't think a little touch up with a flat stone will hurt any though.

I've used a flat stone to hit the entire side, blades and chisel tip all together. Killed 3 critters with the same head. Both whitetails, pass through, shiras moose, didn't pass through, but bulged the hide out about 3 inches on the backside. Rouge carpet right to the carcass. Moose dead in 7 yards before he ate my lunch. I'm not sure why I'm considering iron will heads, cause the Exodus generally fly great and leave massive wound channels and exceptional blood trails. I do touch them up just a hint out of the package; that is if you can get them out of the package with all your flesh intact. I prefer the older swept blades, vs the newer full blades. Regardless, easily my favorite head of many: muzzy, NAP, rage, satellites, shuttle T lock. I really just want a razor sharp deep penetrating head for elk moose and grizz, thus my attraction to the iron will I guess... Just my 2ยข

From: jingalls
Love those Exodus heads. Never had to sharpen a tip. But have several practice heads that r nicked. Gonna try that on them!

I had to sharpen a tip after a pass through and it hit a rock. No big deal sharpened right up. But I don't sharpen brand new heads as I dont believe they need it.

From: bentshaft
I have sharpened the tip after being shot. I replace the blades after I shoot something and use the dulled blades for practice.

From: carcus
Never tried sharpening the tip but man does the exodus blow through bone!

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