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240" Muley in Utah
Mule Deer
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Zim 26-Jul-20
Jaquomo 26-Jul-20
BOWUNTR 26-Jul-20
JL 26-Jul-20
BULELK1 27-Jul-20
Hondolane 27-Jul-20
Matt 27-Jul-20
YZF-88 27-Jul-20
CFMuley 29-Jul-20
From: Zim

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Was listening to the Backcountry Hunting Podcast where he was interviewing Robby Denning on Mule Deer tactics and Robby mentioned there was a ~240" buck killed last year in Northern Utah. I'm not trying to get any details on the hunter (sounds like he wants to be anonymous) but has anyone heard or seen anything on this buck? Would love to hear the story or see a quick pic of the buck. If you goto 1:05:15 in the linked podcast you can hear where they talk bout it. Just goes to show there's big bucks in hidden pockets scattered across the west...

From: Jaquomo
Yep, they are out there. I know a guy who killed the potential WR hard horned typical muley year before last, but he won't have it officially scored or entered because he doesn't want the social media flak and publicity that comes with it.

Reported score and official score are usually two different numbers and 100% of the time the reported number is the largest. I believe that most often when a campfire score gets attached to an animal, it stays with it forever. Ed F

From: JL
I've always felt there are some massive, record book, free range legal bucks hanging on someone's wall out there. Those folks don't care to advertise or brag about it....they just stay low key like the Utah hunter. It would be nice to see the stories on them.

Yes, the North Cache unit or Cache has been producing some dandy bow Bucks the last 2-3 years.

Seems like it's the same 2-3 guys and they get posted over on M&M, then they get deleted.

Good luck, Robb

From: Hondolane
JL 100% right.. I have manny 200+ deer and know ranchers that have barns full on mega giants that never got a score

From: Matt
In this day and age there is unfortunately so much negativity that goes along with killing really big animals, I don't blame anyone for keeping it between the two of them.

From: YZF-88
A lot of them get shot over apples with multiple spotters and radios. That could be a reason they don’t want the publicity.

From: CFMuley
The spotters and apples tends to be the bucks, and it never seems like those guys are too shy to post them up. I know of a handful of 215”+ general season bucks from the last few years, but the biggest ones I can remember are the ones from the Cache unit.

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