EHD Risk?
Whitetail Deer
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From: Mark S
Hello - Always under the impression that hot, dry summers esp late (Aug, Sept) summer/early fall increased likelihood of EHD. Know a biologist (state of OH) and asked him his thoughts. He believes the risk is high given the lack of rain. Anybody have any thoughts?

Mark, that is what I have been told. During dry spells, water sources dwindle and deer are forced to congregate, and this makes it easier for the midges to bite them and cause infection. I will be following this to see what the experts say.

From: buckhammer
It is drier than a pop corn fart here in southern Michigan. Creeks and rivers are getting very low. I am surprised to have not heard of any one finding deer that have died from EHD.

During the heat wave and drought of 2012 there were multiple deer being found dead as early as the 4th of July.

There is so much water in the UP, and N Wis, forget trout fishing till Sept,,,,, fall steelhead run should be unreal....... My place in SD has had average rain fall, things look good..... I hunt Tama County Iowa, have a place there, looks good there also,,,,,, this year will drive to OK to hunt, never been there, but tags are OTC,,, should be good

From: Woods Walker
They should make the deer wear masks.

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