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Whitetail Deer
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From: Buckshot51
This is my first food plot and I was wondering what would be a good mix to plant in a 20 yard by 10 yard plot on the edge of a field. Plot has been sprayed limed and disked. Just waiting till August to plant. There are so many kinds out there I was maybe leaning on trying the antler king slam dunk but if anyone could give me any help that would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

My 2 cents........ rye grain (NOT rye grass) mixed with winter wheat and oats if you want to include a 3rd seed. Stays green all season long, minus the oats. Had good success last year with the rye and oats but I'm switching out the oats for the wheat. There are some oat varieties that dont die off as early as basic oats. My experience with Buck Forage Oats was positive.

From: RIT
That’s an awfully small area. Anything that is mildly attractive with any sort of deer density is going to have a rough time keeping up with browse pressure.

From: darralld
Mix turnips & clover together. Turnips will be great for late season. Clover will take over in the spring. Just mow it to keep it healthy a couple times through the summer when you are expecting some rain soon after.

From: happygolucky
Red clover, radishes, winter rye, and oats. You'll be good.

From: t-roy
^^^RIT X2

From: drycreek
RIT x 3. All those suggestions will draw deer, but none of them, IMO, will withstand the browsing pressure.

From: Reggiezpop
My first plot was a 10x10 patch of rye grass leading from the woods out to the corn on a deer trail. Did it draw in huge bucks, no. But, it stopped plenty of deer for a snack on the way to the more desirable food source. I shot a few doe stopping by for a quick snack on my first little plot. Plant clover and winter rye and put a camera up. After you see the deer stopping for a snack, draw up the plans for the expansion! Good luck on your journey!

From: Michael
Totally great question to ask for this thread.

The only plot I have planted had turnips and beats in it. Until the freeze they ate the greens good. After the freeze they focused on the beets and turnips themselves.

From: WtFPSeeds
Buckshot - what did you end up planting and how did it go?

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