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Dall Sheep Mount - Value
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From: ALovely
I appreciate willing buyers set the value of an item for sale, and it's difficult to sell mounts of any kind, but is there much value in a Dall Sheep mount?

check moscow hides and furs sometimes they have mounts for sale

From: Dale06
In my view, the value of any mount, unless it’s real exceptional size or very non typical, is very little. I have 25 or so mounts, Including a dall sheep, and I don’t expect they would be worth much of anything to someone who didn’t partake in the taking of the animal.

I looked at Moscows site they do not have anby

From: Kurt
I'd start out asking the value of taxidermy....$1,000 mount, attempt to sell it for that if it is in good condition. Advertise around the larger metro areas. And be sure to check the legality of the sale and ensure you have have the proper paper work to sell it...hunting licenses, CITES as applicable, etc.

From: Bou'bound
do you have any photos

From: LBshooter
Look towards interior designers, they like mounts for thier work. Clients who don't hunt but want that look.

From: sticksender
Average shoulder mount in good shape 750-1000. A higher scoring ram 160+ would be more. There are dozens for sale on ebay at any given time. Many times listed at fantasy buy-it-now prices of 3000+ but those don't sell.

From: Scoot
Add the total cost of your hunt to the cost of the taxidermy work. Divide that number by about 357. That's the answer! :)

From: smarba
LOL Scoot. Don't forget to subtract $250 from your final answer.

From: BUCKeye
Then muliply by zero and add the average cost that others are selling for

From: JohnMC
The American Pickers are always buying old taxidermy and I am surprised what they have giving for some rough looking stuff. Someone out there wants it I reckon.

American Pickers must be staged they buy some hideous mounts at stupid silly high prices

From: Ollie
You would be very lucky just to recoup the cost of the taxidermy. An exception may be if the animal was of outstanding size and would appeal to a collector. A Dall’s sheep is pretty unusual so that may help bump up its value.

From: bowbender77
freeglee = FAKE NEWS

There are carvers who buy sheep horn (by the pound!)


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