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Spotting scope distances
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KsRancher 27-Jul-20
JTreeman 27-Jul-20
From: KsRancher
I am getting ready to purchase a spotting scope. I am looking at the Luepold SX-4 15-45×65 HD. Wondering what distance I can expect to see elk at. I have found a nice spot to get up on and glass. There are several drainages I can see. They range from 1 mile to almost 5 miles away. I am not worried about counting points or being able to see specifics of the elk. Just want to be able to see them and where they go. Just curious how far out I can expect to see them at?

From: JTreeman
It has more to do with the fella looking, than the glass he is looking through in my experience. I have been outglassed plenty of times buy guys using what I would consider “inferior glass”.

That said if they are in the open and you can keep the heat waves down I would think 3-4 miles won’t be out of the question if just looking for “any elk”.


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