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Whitetail Deer
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From: Robert2968
Anyone ever hunt this place.Thinking about the first week of november before I meet friends to hunt Shawnee in Ill.

From: pav
Nice area. Have turkey hunted there, but not deer. You can get pretty far off the beaten path, but hunting closer to the crop fields was a better strategy for turkey. Thinking I would use that same strategy for deer. Find corn and you will find deer.

From: mountainman
I live right next to there and hunt there a lot(TN side). It's a lot of land and the deer density is not high. The deer you killed there used to be bonus deer and not count against your state limit. That was changed a few years ago to help with the population.

That being said, there are deer there in huntable numbers. Put in the effort, hunt smart, and you'll have no problem getting on deer.

There are draw gun hunts in Nov, so be sure there isn't one going on the weekend you plan on being there.

From: KY EyeBow
PM sent.

From: Buffalo1
This was one of Davy Crockett's favorite hunting areas. I think he wiped every thing out. He had a large family to feed.

From: White Falcon
Bring your rod also. Great place.

From: Rth1229
I’m 20 min from lbl on the KY side, like mountain man said hunt smart and do some scouting and you’ll get on something. A lot of ground to cover and terrain varies from flat bottoms to some serious ridges. PM if you got any questions about the area and good luck!

From: Robert2968
Thanks everyone for your responses. I think I will go there or Ft.Campbell .

From: nehunter
Hurry before the deadlines expire.

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