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The guille suit and camoflauge
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ground hunter 28-Jul-20
Medicinemann 28-Jul-20
Woods Walker 28-Jul-20
I am sure some of you here, have served in this capacity. Got to meet a special forces operator today, and we talked about camo, and the guile suit, which he says is so misunderstood by civilians......

He said they are heavy, and snag up on everything, and although they have all made their own, and used in some occasions, he said as a bowhunter, lets be practicable. He said , first off what are you trying to conceal? He said your face, and head, and upper body, because for the most part, your lower area is cover in brush of some type, or lets say a natural blind.

He said cover your face goes without saying, but most important is the hat, and your upper arms and that is about it. He said he knows instructors, that can wear a bright shirt, but with their face covered and their hat set up, they can creep, into most situations

Just another prespective, we were talking about hunting woodland deer, but he said the same philosophy can be set up for any terrain around the world......

What gives the whole game up, is simply movement,,,,,,,,,,,, as a hunter he said, of course your concerned about scent, but its simply movement, and teaching yourself to be that stealth......

He said his colleague has snuck up and ambused game all over North America, no special camo, just knowing how to move,,,,,,,,,,,,,, pretty cool guy

From: Medicinemann
Slow is fast....

From: Woods Walker
My experience has been that if you break up the outline of your head/shoulders, and you are sitting/kneeling (and you don't MOVE, SHINE or MAKE NOISE), many times they will walk right by you and not know you're there. They make LOOK at you like you're some weird new growth, but they do not identify you as human/ or a threat.

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