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From: leo17
Like most guys Covid threw my hunting plans for a loop. Im thankful for mine and my families health and being able to be going on any hunt at all. In 2016 I booked my dream hunt, Alaskan Brown bear. My outfitter was going to be Jonah stewart. It was set for this year and when the bear seasons got cancelled, Jonah was good enough to allow me to come out on a sheep hunt instead. I cant thank him enough for working with me, as I know this virus has impacted many people in many different ways from health to finance.

3 months ago I found out that I would be doing this hunt, I have trained as best as I could. Cutting 30lbs and exercising 5 days a week. I leave NY in a little over 2 weeks. I purchased a grizzly tag as well.

We will be hunting in the Brooks Range. I have been shooting and tweeking my setup and I really like the way my bow is shooting. This is going to be a challenge but I fell up to it. I will plan on updating this and taking you guys along as best as I can while I have service.

From: t-roy
Good luck to you, Leo! Look forward to following along on your trek.

From: Moosemania
Following. Good luck!

From: Bowboy
Good luck!

From: Medicinemann
Leo, Take a lot of'll treasure them for the rest of your hunting days!!

From: yooper89
Good luck! Looking forward to it.

From: Matt
At this point I would worry more about your feet, legs, and lungs than your shooting. Good luck!

From: 3under
Good luck !! Looking forward to following this one!!

From: bowhunter24
Looking forward to your story!

From: Treeline
Good luck Leo! You are going with one of the best in the business! Have fun and take pictures of everything!

From: Nick Muche
Get ready for an incredible hunt! You’re hunting with one of the best. If you get to Fairbanks and need anything before you head north, let me know.

From: huntinelk
Good luck, will be looking forward to your reports

Wow good deal. Jonah will get you in on some rams!!

From: Stekewood
Excellent. Can't wait to read about it when you get back. Good luck!

Good luck and have fun!

From: Scoot
Should be a hoot! Have fun, take lots of pics, and share with shleps like me!

From: leo17
Yeah it can’t come soon enough. I’m backing off my hiking and strenuous excercise a bit. I don’t want to risk getting hurt so close to my hunt. I’ll take tons of pictures and post up a write up when I get back. Thanks Nick. I’m overnighting in Fairbanks, if you are around let’s grab dinner.

From: Bwana
Best of luck! Can't wait to hear the story of your adventure.

From: KSflatlander
Good luck and can't wait to hear about it. You already got my respect just taking on the sheep hunt challenge. Be safe out there.

From: Bou'bound
Make a memory

From: Beav
Good luck and look forward to hearing about the hunt!!

Awesome! Good luck and have fun!

From: Ron Niziolek
Good luck! Looking forward to the photos and story!

From: drmike
Good luck to all of the sheep hunters out this weekend!

From: Shug
Good luck and safe travels

From: Kurt
Leo, good luck! Hope you get a nice one!! Enjoy the effort and sweat! Kurt

From: SBH
Awesome! Will be following along. Good luck!

From: Tilzbow
Good luck and we’re looking forward to your story! You’re doing the right thing. Backing off intense exercise a week or two out is a good idea since it allows your body to be fully refreshed when you start the hunt.

From: LWood
Good luck, Leo!!!

From: yeager
Have a great trip......good luck!!

From: Mark Watkins
Good luck Leo!!!

In 2012, Jonah and I were 51 yards from a great ram in the Brooks on final approach with arrow nocked......then a gust of wind changed everything!! Haha!

Jonah is first class all the way! You will have a great adventure!


Good luck!

From: kota-man
Good luck! I've hunted with Jonah three times. First class operation and the new lodge makes it that much better.

From: Bigpizzaman
Good Luck! ??????

From: Jasper
Best of luck and God bless! Looking forward to the stories

From: Aubs8
Awesome! Have fun and I look forward to seeing pics.

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