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BigBandit 29-Jul-20
Franzen 29-Jul-20
huntabsarokee 29-Jul-20
Bake 29-Jul-20
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Mule Power 29-Jul-20
From: BigBandit
I am looking to upgrade some hunting clothing and have been looking at Sitka. Most of my hunting is done in Northern Indiana for Whitetails but I also hunt out west for elk, early season bow and rifle. I am looking for a set up that will cover me for most of my hunting from early and late season bow hunting in Indiana to out West Elk hunting. Temperatures can range from 20 to 70 degrees, mostly stand hunting for whitetail and obviously spot and stalk for elk. I currently have plenty of base layers ranging from warm weather base layers to cold weather but I am trying to figure out the best Sitka Hunting Pant and Hunting top. I have been looking at the Mountain Pants and the Jetstream Jacket, Kelvin Light or the Traverse Hoodie. Looking for advice on what to go with as right now I am only wanting to buy a paid of pants and a top. I would greatly appreciate input on what to go with that would cover a majority of my hunting. Thank You.

From: Franzen
The Jetstream is a great piece of gear to have when needed. However, I find myself only wearing mine a couple times on my average western hunt. It all depends on whether those few times are worth it to you, or if you think the cost is too high for that. Some hunts you might wear it every day, and some hunts none at all.

As far as midwest whities, you can obviously use it, but I find there to be other more cost efficient options. Everyone is different on how they value their money and their style.

I would vote Sitka Apex pants as a good choice for Sept elk and whitetail sits.

From: Bake
Honestly, I've been trying to buy dual purpose Kuiu and Sitka for whitetails in the midwest and elk out west, and I'm not sure it's entirely the best to try to find a one thing does all. . .

For example, I love my Kelvin jacket, but it's not the greatest for stand hunting whitetails. It's shiny and the noise bothers some people, although I haven't had too much of an issue.

All the elk pants are really too thin for stand hunts, in my opinion. They are a part of my layer, but I use Sitka Fanatic bibs over them.

Likewise, I feel like the whitetail pants are too thick for me when elk hunting. I get hot and sweat really easily

From: kota-man
You want one pair of pants and a jacket to cover 20 to 70 degrees? In the items you listed, you will freeze sitting at 20 degrees. I would say focus on the Western hunt and sitting in warmer temps. For that use, the Apex or Mountain pants would be fine as would the Jetstream Jacket. For sitting, either go with an inexpensive insulated bibs and coat or a bunch of wool layers. The most well thought out tree stand cold weather gear made is the Sitka Gear Fanatic, but it won't do you any good in warm temps or hiking.

The problem with trying to use gear for activities that they aren't "designed" for is that you are going to be unhappy with the item/company. Use Mountain clothing for what it is designed for and you are happy. Go sit in a treestand in mountain gear in 20 degree temps and you are NOT so happy. Most of the mountain pieces will work fine sitting in mild temps but they aren't designed to keep you warm while stationary. You need insulation to keep you warm in 20 degree temps. You aren't going to find one system that works for everything in your scenario.

From: Mule Power
I bet if you took a vote on the best all around piece of Sitka clothing the Jetstream jacket would win. It has a hood so no need for the Traverse hoodie but the Traverse zip tee makes a great insulator under the Jetstream. If you want warmer go with a Kelvin vest or jacket. That Primaloft sure is nice. Unreal warm for how little bulk.

Timberline pants in a size to allow a heavy base underneath will serve you well too. Those three items have gotten me through years of Pa deer hunting and a TON of elk hunts.

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