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Day One Fleece Hooded Pullover
Whitetail Deer
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Habitat 29-Jul-20
Dino 29-Jul-20
Anyone have one of these? I was thinking about getting the insulated/windstop version but don't know if it was quiet enough for a draw on a cold day on a deer at 20 yards. I am very leery of garment noise as four years ago I paid way too much for one of the top end parkas and it is unacceptably noisy when drawing the bow.

From: Habitat
Their gear is some of the best,I have the heavier pullover with hand warmer pouch and bino strap

From: Dino
I love their pullovers! I have an ASAT fleece pullover that is one of my favourite pieces of gear for warm and quiet sits! It’s seen over 12 hunting seasons. I bought my boys the hooded pull overs and they r also super quiet. However, the fall Grey fleece isn’t as nice and durable as my ASAT fleece!

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