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Fertilize again ?
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rmich10 29-Jul-20
RIT 29-Jul-20
From: rmich10
Just curious? Do most of you fertilize spring and fall based on soil tests or put your fall plots(grains w PH of 6.7) in behind spring plots without a new test or fertilizer?

From: RIT
What were your Spring crops? Synthetic fertilizers help destroy soil biology but that’s a choice you will have to make.

It depends also on what winter grains you are planting. N is the limiting factor in wheat production but Winter Rye is really good at scavenging available N. Did you terminate your Spring Crop? Is there residue on the soil? If so then a lot of N will be tied up decomposing the residue? If you planted Legumes there may be N available for fall so no need to fertilize. A lot of variables and limited info provided.

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