The “N” Word
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From: DL
California share hunt results just came up and the dreaded N came up. “Did you win, Nope”

From: Will
My son, at 8, said to me: "Daddy, I know the N word..."... I was about to have a serious conversation with him to find out where he learned it and how I was supposed to teach this kid not to ever use it... But before I could he blurted out: "Nincompoop!"

All was right in the world again...

Sorry you got the Nope!

From: tobywon
Same thing happened with my daughter when she was around 10 with the "C" word. She said her friend said it. I was about to talk to her about it, but before I could do that she quietly whispered the word "Crap"

From: LINK
I’m 36 and still not sure what the “C” word is. I have a 22 month old that’s rapidly learning to talk. He thinks all bugs, spiders and other insects are flies. The problem is his word for fly sounds like the “F” word. So he runs around saying “F”. Sorry about your n word.

They've been out since yesterday and they were a day late!

Buncha Ns down the line except for one Y in front of my AO deer tag.

The odds for the better Tule tags are like 1 in 1000

From: BowFly
I always thought the N word was "Nonresident."

From: t-roy
At our house, the “D” word can get you in trouble.

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