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I recently gained permission to hunt a new spot. The land owner said he also hunts there so I would not have exclusive use. I was happy with that arrangement. There is one other bow hunter who has permission. He asked me to call him. I did. We plan to walk the property soon. Our plan is to hunt in a way that we don't hinder each other. He even offered me the use of his stands if he tags out early. I don't think I would but the offer felt good. Respect and communication go a long way.

From: Jaquomo
Let us know how it works out! I've had two such situations, one for elk and one for deer. In both cases the other guys who had permission screwed me over repeatedly after we discussed strategies and where we would hunt so as not to interfere with each other. I didn't say anything to the landowner but had a "talk" with the guys. Didnt do much good.

In the elk spot, it was two game wardens, one of whom chain smoked. I gave them a very stern lecture about ethics, setting examples, how they lied to me after I was honest with them. They were pretty sheepish and stayed away after that.

I have shared the woods with this guy before. We never knew we were hunting the same woods until we met up after dark. I have a good feeling about this particular situation. I will let you know if things go bad.

From: Scoot
Good dead GM- I hope it works out well. There definitely are some good people left in this world! Hopefully you are working with one of them on this situation. When a big buck gets involved people tend to lose their mind and do stupid and sometimes unethical things. But… if he's a good guy all will be well. Hopefully you don't secretly have an idiot like Jaq was referring to. Sounds like some real winners, Jaq.

From: 35-Acre
Might come in handy later for tracking or dragging help too if the situation requires it.

From: Buffalo1
Your situation sounds positive. You’ll know for sure after quantity & quality of kills how the feeling run between you two.

Been there- done that. Jealousy can be a great divider.

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