Eliminating Hunting and Fishing in Ca
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From: DL
AB3030. The state has already established zones on the coast that we can no longer take anything from. Fishing and diving to get seafood is banned in these zones. They claim it will have a spillover affect once the populations in these zones increase. Most species need reefs and rocks to live around. So they grave those areas and give us areas that never will be populated. Now it’s onto land. They want to set aside 30% of the state public and private and make it a no take zone. They want to make 30% of the ocean and 30% of the land, waterways and lakes no take zones by 2030. So they take prime hunting habitat and claim it will preserve the wildlife. Preserve it for cats and bears. They’ll grab some elk, Antelope, Deer and wild sheep habitat. That will mean less hunting opportunities. Sneaky way to end hunting. We have fewer hunters every year because of fewer animals. Now take away huntable land. It sounds like a good idea to the general population. The only animals that will benefit are predators. We won’t see any benefit

liberals will end hunting and fishing in California and Colorado within the next 20 years. Then it will spread as the deadbeat population grows and socialism takes over. They will look for every way, like they do now, to punish successful working folks and taking away the sporting outdoors will be one of the punishments.

this IS the most socialist country on earth, ask a imigrant

From: DL

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This about a global movement to set aside 30% of the planet. New Mexico Democrat is on board. I’d pay attention to what your state is going try and do.

From: TD
Not just CA......I would implore all sportsmen/freedom lovers/patriots to pay close attention in every state as to what democrats/socialists are about. For example Biden's plan to put Beto "I am coming for your guns" in charge of gun control and AOC in charge of EPA and implementing the Green New Deal. And The Bernie Bros in charge of taxes. Before they come on and tell you that's not true..... all have been stated by Biden already, with his own words (regardless if he actually remembers saying them or not.....)

Vote. Talk to others and encourage they do so as well. This likely could be the most important election in your lifetime. Just take a look at events all around you. And imagine life when these people are put in control of yours. They are taking the opportunity of literal overthrow seriously. You should as well.

From: wyliecoyote
Re; AB 3030 There is one major item we all need to be together on....I think the confusion occurred when Bass Pro/Cabelas sent out ALERTS via email and declared the bill would stop hunting and fishing in the referenced 30% of Calif. The bill actually says the 30% would be protected...and there is no clarification about what this means. The bill did pass the assembly on a pure party-line vote and will come up in committee in the State Senate this Wednesday. Calif. Bowmen Hunters (CBH) along with almost every sportsman's group in Calif. is actively involved with members of both parties discussing various amendments. All agree that the bill is poorly written and raises as many questions as it gives answers. Much of Calif. is already protected in various ways and these areas are not listed or referenced. The Ca. Senate is heavily controlled by the Democratic Party but they often do their own thinking and decision making. We outdoorsmen do need to be concerned and watch the updates and amendment process in the next few weeks. This bill flys in the face of recent R3 legislation inplace nationwide including California...If you don't know what R3 is....google it up!!

From: KSflatlander
The people behind something like this have no clue that hunting is the best tool for wildlife management to prevent a whole host of problems when wildlife is not managed properly. The majority of ecosystems are too modified ever find naturally balance. It has been proven time and time again that properly regulated hunting equals healthy populations of all flora and fauna.

From: Bake
I’ve thought for years that if you want a Tule, you better book that hunt. CA will ban hunting in my lifetime I bet

From: itshot
KS, yep

some really "smart people" can really F up a good thing, before and after

I'd like 30% of my lifetime hunting license cost back.

This is ridiculous. There's already a crazy amount of land in CA locked up that cannot be hunted in National and State Parks. And there's been no-hunting preserves all over the state since 1908 and they've been shown to be worthless in expanding game numbers in surrounding areas.

From: DL
I’ve hunted around that Dixie refuge up north. Just more bears and cats. Throw in a few Sasquatch and the trifecta of destruction is complete.

From: 4nolz@work
Kalifornistan.Vote them in.Screw them.

From: shade mt
stop listening to the liberals. Take a good hard look around, The conservatives didn't cause this mess.

I have to think back in time. I am now 71, and the UP is what I chose. Yes I live all over out west, and could have stayed in Alaska, but I am good with my choice. this might sound strange to some, but California, was as close to Nirvana, that a guy could find, when I started out working for their state forestry....

I mean I was assigned to Riverside County. I actually lived on the coast at Cardiff by the Sea, and the drive was over an hour. Surf when I wanted to too, tresels was my break or swamis,,,,,,, want exotics, we would take the charter over to Catalina Island, with a trip sponsored by bow shops out of San Diego.....

Up north, when fire season was really going, opened up a whole new world. great, no better than average trout fishing in the Sierras.... Outstanding mule deer hunting, in the high country..... God I loved it........

It was heaven, really in the 70's. the cheap ocean fishing was incredible, and the quail hunting outside of San Diego, was some of the best,,,, and I know, I hunted Texas and Georgia,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Of course I moved on, next station was Cortez Colorado, which they have also ruined as I speak.....

California had it all, and now its all going into the toilet,,,, how sad

From: Hackbow
There's a an old saying about snakes that I never bought into, but seems applicable to Democrats.

From: Bowbender
"The people behind something like this have no clue that hunting is the best tool for wildlife management to prevent a whole host of problems when wildlife is not managed properly."

Elections have consequences. Remember that when you flip the "D" lever at the votiing booth. Californians shit in their bed. They can sleep in it. Unfortunately they are like a cancer and migrate out spreading their cancer wherever they land. Killing the next host.

I’m really hoping this ‘civil war’ thing kicks off, if for no reason other than to eliminate the current political alignment in some states and start over...SMH

From: Twinetickler
I know one thing Southern Utah doesn't want California pea brained liberals and Vegas is just as bad if not worse. We have a complete fire ban, but apparently they can't read the big flashing signs they drive by. Leave their trash laying around and camps up all summer long. This year has been a complete joke being overrun by arrogant, dont give a shit about anybody but themselves Vegasites and Californian numb nuts. Stay in your own armpit cities.

From: South Farm
I hear what some of you are saying, but keep in mind nobody, not even "liberals", can take from you that which you refuse to let them. More and more these days we're becoming apathetic, just so willing to say "well, that's that!" and roll over...knowing we can still pursue other species in other parts of the country. Well, you all know the old adage of give 'em and inch they'll take a mile...one day you'll wake up with NOWHERE to hunt and before you point fingers take a look in the mirror. They can't throw us all in jail. Hell, they can't even take back their cities from a handful of looting thug;, how they gonna chase down 30 million outdoorsmen?!?

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