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From: Zebrakiller
anyone ever shootvwith there picc lines in

From: drmike
I believe that Tiffany Lakosky did when she had cancer. The woman is amazing!

From: Brotsky
My much better half did this as well when she was recovering from an illness.

From: deserthunter
My buddy did when battling a staph infection from a knee replacement. We actually packed in elk hunting with a IV pole .

From: g5smoke21
Bill. Talk to your doc about hunting with it. My father in law had the same situation as you and ended up needing a spacer put into his hip for a few months. I would assume you would be fine as long as you have some sort of compression clothing on up top to keep the line / ports close to you so they don't get pulled out. Hope to see you out hunting this fall and reading all your stories

From: Zebrakiller
Thanks I have a bit of time yep before I can shoot. Have canceled antelope hunt now but I do have a Wisconsin bear tag sept 9th. Been a crazy 5 month

From: carcus
I wouldn't have an issue shooting with a picc

From: Cut2Kill
I wouldn't think it would be a problem as long as the PICC was fixed closely to your arm with something like Coban and has been in for more than a few days.

From: txhunter58
Talk with your Dr. I would be hesitant without getting the OK. He might recommend getting, dare I say it......... an X-bow!!

I am sure you could get a Dr. statement that would allow you to shoot one at least for this year.

From: sfiremedic
Hi Bill, I'm an RN who places Piccs on a vascular access team. My full time job. Yes it's OK to shoot with a PICC. I'd highly recommend an arm sleeve of some sort (google arm sleeve, there's lots of choices). You want to protect it from getting caught on something and partially pulling it out or pulling it out completely. The tip of the Picc is in a very specific position and must remain there. Your therapy and potential complications depend on it. Keep it clean, dry and intact and you won't have any issues. Arm sleeves work great.


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