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Winter Rye and Fertilizer
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CAMP DAVID 05-Aug-20
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happygolucky 06-Aug-20
I'm getting ready to put in my first Winter Rye plot in a couple of weeks here in the Northeast and I have a fertilizer question.

I have some left over 5-20-20 and some 46-0-0 on hand and was wondering If I should apply any.

My PH is fine.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

From: t-roy
The 46-0-0 will benefit your rye more than the other, but the other won’t hurt anything. How much fertilizer are you talking about, and how big of an area of rye as well?

The plot that I will be planting Winter Rye in is slightly over 1 acre in size.

From: RIT
I wouldn’t fertilize winter rye. It is a great scanvenger of Nitrogen. I would think about adding winter peas, radish, and a clover for next year. I’d also consider what you plan to do in the Spring with the winter rye.

From: happygolucky
If you are heart set on using up the fertilizer, that would work but rye will grow anywhere and would not need it. If you added to the plot with what RIT says above along with maybe some oats, then I would fertilize (assumes you know you need fertilizer in your soil). The 46-0-0 would mostly be beneficial to brassicas after they have established.

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